Thursday, 1 April 2021


 Well it's the 1st of April.

It seems Bruno and Granny Fortuna are out in the village 

"Look Granny " calls Bruno this shop is for sale !

Bruno looks through the window in the door calling to Granny " It's enormous inside come and look !" he sounds very excited.

"See Granny " Bruno points out to Granny the things he can see from the door. Granny just sighs.

"Come along Bruno we cannot dawdle about here , we have things to do !"  Says Granny sounding a little cross

" But Granny this would be a great shop for us! It's in the middle of the village "

" I have decided that I am too old to run a shop ! " Says Granny walking away " this pandemic as taught me there are more important things in life "

Bruno looks at granny's retreating back in stunned silence.

Bruno watches granny walk away ! "This shop would have been perfect for us " sighs Bruno " I wonder who will buy it now ? "

Is Granny retiring? What will Bruno do? Is the world changing so much?   


  1. Wow, I wouldn't have thought Granny would give up so easily! She's quite a resilient old lady. Perhaps she just has to think about it. If she does buy, I hope Owen & Owen are up to the challenge. This might just be the toughest sale that they have ever made!

    1. I'm wondering if she was just fooling Bruno since it was April 1st, all fools day! I feel sorry for Owen and Owen if Granny does decide to buy, when she's finished with them , they will probably owe her money !!