Monday 12 April 2021


 It snowed at 8 am today, so naturally this afternoon Atticus wanted to go on Safari ! 

He wants to be an adventurer and discover new lands and plants !

Or maybe he could become a botanist ? The oppertunities are endless for a child with his intelligence and enquiring mind !

But first he'll styart by exploring the garden.

"Mm Dicksonia coverupous !"  says Atticus , just then he hears Mum calling 

"Atticus I hope you have a coat on!"

" NO !" he yells back 

" If you catch your death I will kill you !" calls Mum

Atticus rolls his eyes, Mothers! They are a law unto themselves! He starts back towards the house.

He can foresee a long discusion with his mother on being the master of his own fate or in this case coat ! But he knows just where it will end... with Mum's standard saying of " because I say so!" 

Mothers ! you just have to love em !


  1. Of course he can't wear a coat - it would cover his wonderful botanist's shirt! Well maybe I also spotted some fauna in the pattern...
    Mummy his wellies will prevent him from catching his death, so don't you worry.

    1. What about a sweater? we mum's do worry you know !
      Good to know about the wellies :)

  2. He looks so sweet! Like a very young David Attenborough!

    1. He will be thrilled to know you think he looks like a young DA , one of his hero's

  3. Thank you. I do think you are right boys really don't seem to notice the cold like us girls!