Thursday 5 May 2022


 Well despite you lovely people sending in your doll day photos I nearly forgot to post them!!

Must be because the sun finally came out and its warm outside!

Mona and her waterproof pooch are ready for whatever the weather sends their way! Mum Ursula is praying for the sun to come out, but Mona is taking no chances!

Over in Germany, Adelheid is up amongst the apple blossoms, enjoy their scent.

  She is picturing all the apples that will form over the coming months, Mum, Hildegard, says that the other trees have not blossomed yet so maybe there will be no apples! But Adelheid has faith they will appear!

Over the pond, the Gregoropolis girls are changing into their spring dresses and bringing back flower power, a trend we love here in the village.

And the boys say, " anything you can do sis!" and are rocking these great floral shirts, they are definitely getting on their groove over at Gregoropolis!

From Australia we have Wendy's photo of her Schoenhut dolls saying hello. Some of them used to live here but got fed up with being ignored and the very cold winters! It' nice to see they are happy.

Here in the village Monica is out and about admiring the flowers.

"This flower is perfect for my dress but soo big!" exclaims Monica " I think I might like gardens"

Thank you to all those who kindly sent in photos for the post, always time for more, so get them in.


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  1. I love the flower shirts!!! Wish I could do collars that precisely...