Sunday, 8 May 2022


 Well, not the best of weeks. Still seem to be fighting off some virus that cannot make its mind up, if it is coming or going!

Then a doll I sold has been damaged in the post! It appears they have dropped the box it was in! So now have to try and see if she can be saved and then to chase the Royal Mail for a refund. So that wasn't a good start to the weekend! But today is another day, the sun's out and the virus seems to have wandered off again!

I find that this time of year I start to think about the less is more, something I quote often to my neighbour as he shows us another strange item he's bought for his garden gazebo, but alas It's not something I can seem to follow for myself! I also suffer from the "I may need that sometime" when I should just get rid of whatever it is, instead of coming across it five years later still waiting to be needed and even worse if it was needed but couldn't be found so another was bought anyway!

So, I need to clear the floor in my studio, so it can be used as a bedroom for one-night next weekend! Since the house will overflowing, which is why someone's drawn the short straw and has to use the studio, I cannot move any boxes indoors. The only other place available for storage is my old studio, which is part of Paul's workshop.

Today we have started moving things about to make some space in the old studio, I say old studio when I probably should be saying studio extension due to all the things for my dolls that are still in there!

Old studio .

From the doorway and this is after we have moved things so we can actually get inside! Behind the curtain (which some mouse has chewed on) is a cupboard inside of which are five large shopping bags of paperback books! They have probably been in there years, so they are now out and ready to be sorted and donated or kept! Which means a whole double unit is available to use!

The still unfinished dolls house.

more props

At least that big brown box is something I have sold and need to send on now the buyers has finally moved house.

More props or things for the grandchildren!

I even found this old sign for a 2015 Chat n Snap! Really should have taken off those pictures before now! and probably could have used it, if I'd known I had it!
So, I have spent most of the day sorting the old studio out, so I can temporarily use it for some boxes from the new one but then I will need to get my hard hat on and start listing some of the things, that are just not being used!

On the doll front, two dolls left but one not successfully. Some dolls clothes arrived which I bought on the second-hand doll market. One of which I owned years back! I really must stop buying things I once owned, it doesn't help with the reduction plans!

I did however finally cut out three of my doll clothes patterns, have not got round to actually making anything yet but once next weekends over with, that will be my next plan.

My middle daughter is forty this month and is having a party, hence the houseful, and its fancy dress themed sci-fi/ fantasy! Should be interesting , I hear someone's coming as a dinosaur!

So have a happy healthy week 


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  1. We are both attempting similar projects Dee. I have managed to move a large dining table from the studio to the garage store room and am about to sort out the boxes of "stuff" that had been stored beneath it...DREAD!!
    Have thrown out a lot of bits and bobs, lots of empty boxes and bags that were really good for nothing...have no idea now why I ever kept them.
    I hope you have a lovely time celebrating your daughter's birthday.
    Big hugs,