Tuesday, 31 May 2022



Yes! That is a fully covered new sofa cushion pad for the new 'to me' rattan sofa. 
I actually got on and made it instead of letting everything sit around for weeks/months! I know amazing!
I also made the new tablecloth for the patio table at the same time and today I'm going to make the tablecloth for the kitchen table, which actually has been waiting around for nearly a year!

I think the sofa needs a couple of throw cushions, maybe I'll make them next! Or maybe I need to lie down all this getting act together can be exhausting...

NB a note for Rosie on the cushion.

I bought the foam pad from Dunelm Mill, this one was closest in size, a slight gap at front side because the sofa tapers back and anything bigger would have been a waste. This time I placed the pad on the fabric wrapping it round and leaving an overlap. Cut fabric, then laid it right side in so placed pattern in position, then pinned fabric together so seam would be along back edge, also pinned one side edge, pulling fabric nice and tight.
Removed padded with help, then machine stitched these two edges along the pins, so to keep tight.
Turned fabric back to right side, bent pad so could get it back inside, then folded and hand stitched other side edge together, having made sure the back seam was in correct place. It means I cannot remove easily to wash but not impossible if I need to.
Saved faffing with zip or buttons or making with three to four sections as in top, bottom and side piece/and back zip button section.


  1. Well done! And a pretty fabric, it matches the sofa perfectly.

  2. Thank you Dee - it looks really professional. I must look in Dunelm for a suitable pad.

  3. It looks so cosy, and this fresh blue-and-green-on white, like sea and wind! I can feel it by looking on it!