Sunday, 29 May 2022


 Yes, it's gone that quick! It is the twenty ninth of the month, so flaming June will appear this coming week! I have spent the last week getting my things sorted for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations ready.

So far only Lucas is getting into the spirit of the coming celebrations.

I have been sorting out then household celebrations and getting the gazebo in the festive spirit.

The bunting is up along with some new lighting.

A photo from the other night when we checked out the lighting.

I bought this vintage Sanderson fabric which I have turned into a tablecloth. I actually searched for floral tablecloths, that were not pvc and trying to find what I wanted that didn't actually cost the price of a decent Sasha was impossible, so I found this gorgeous fabric and made my own.

I also came across a Lloyd Loom rattan sofa that was for sale on Ebay, while searching for cloths, I've wanted one for a few years and had even considered buying a new one, however I came across this one on ebay that was being sold fairly locally. Much to my delight I won it for a nice low price.

So, we set off for Chingford to collect it on Thursday and while there the lady asked if I wanted to buy a Lloyd Loom chair as well! I said if I can get it in the car, I'd have it and yes, we managed to get it in!

I have bought a piece of foam to cover for the seat cushion, I already have plenty of suitable

We had dropped off a 20-year-old grape vine, that we'd sold on our way to collect the sofa, so the chair only cost us five pounds that we added to the sale money for the vine, result! 

On the doll front, I sold a non-Sasha doll but did buy a couple of clothing items for the Sasha's, one of which Lucas is wearing.

A busy week ahead with all the people and doll jubilee celebrations to prepare for, so I wish you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead.



  1. Love the sofa - I've not seen them before. I'd love to see how you make the cushion - I've a cane settee in need of a new cushion.
    I do have a small Loyd Loom bedroom chair and a dressing table stool with storage - very useful.

    1. I had already made the cushion when I read this, I'll add how I made it to the next post x

  2. Looking very festive! Love the sofa. The perfect spot to relax (as Paul fans you and feeds you grapes)!

    1. Thank you. Nice and comfy but no chance of grape feeding but could get fanned by the dog's tails that always seem to be going nineteen to the dozen!