Wednesday 18 May 2022


 Well, the family and friends get together for Lindsey's birthday went brilliantly! There were some wonderful fancy dress costumes.

 I think Lindsey's friend Chris wins best big dinosaur and in the front left hand corner of the photo is the best mini dinosaur , one of Lindsey's other friend's baby, called Lara, who was also wearing a dinosaur costume.

Clara and Adam looked wonderful in their outfits, Clara an elf complete with pointed ears and Adam a Hobbit complete with the ring. But only being 18 months old, he wouldn't keep the cloak on for more than a few minutes 


The point where Adam Baggins hears he's got to go and throw the ring in the fire inside the mountain all on his own!

Lindsey set the hall beautifully and everyone says they had a great time. It was especially nice for the family members that made it, as it's a long time since we have been able to gather.

But goodness does it take it out of you! I could barely walk by the end of the evening and could even feel it in my legs the following day. Setting up and attending is a lot of work, luckily plenty of people stayed to help us put everything away at the end of the day.

Now of course the fridge and cupboards are semi full of the left over food, that didn't get used up on the day, so we have been having some lovely buffet style meals ever since.

We will be having a few friends and family over to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, at the beginning of June, so we won't be needing to get any drink in with whats left over from Lindsey's party.

Yesterday we had a trip to the garden centre and I fell in love with a beautiful pavilion, which I thought would look wonderful in our garden.

I just love all the detail especially around the top.

For once I was very good and didn't just buy it and then search for a home for it, I decided to see if I have a place it would suit. Well it appears I may not ! sob .. but I have not quite given up yet, I will be studying the garden for a few days to see if just the right place can be found , with maybe a bit of a move round if necessary.

I'm always telling my neighbour, when he shows me something else he's bought for his gazebo, less is more! and I may just have to accept that in this case!

Not a lots been happening on the doll front, I have won a couple of outfits of ebay and sold a pair of shoes.

Enjoy the rest of the week



  1. Poor Adam! Just get rid of this evil ring quickly!
    The hall looks lovely. It's so good you can meet your family again!

    1. Yes! lose the ring Adam! It did look Lovely and was so nice seeing some of the family all together

  2. Well I'm very jealous. I want a dinosaur at my next birthday party. Oh, wait, I WILL BE the dinosaur at my party! looks like you had a great time.

    1. I have to confess that did make me laugh :) We did have a lovely time :)