Saturday 7 May 2022


It's a nice afternoon, so some of the girls are outside exploring the garden.

Martha decided it was best to sit after diving backwards off the pot even though she was leaning on the post!

Whereas Ginny stood happily on her pot waiting for the photos to be taken.

Ashley decided staying on the ground was probably the best place to be after watching Martha sky dive!

Finally, they are all together on the ground.

Martha decides falling off the pot was all too much, and she needs to go and eat something sweet and watch a film!

I manage to get her to hold still for just a few minutes.

"Okay girls I'm all finished thank you " 

" Thank goodness " says Martha " I think I have a headache coming!"

" Oh maybe I'd best get you checked out at the doctors!"

" No need " she replies quickly " I'm sure some chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea will cure it "

" Yes" agrees Ashley " Come on M! I'll put the kettle on and Ginny can find the biscuits, we could all do with some"

" What film should we watch? " Asks Ginny, as arm in arm the three of them head off back to the house  "Something soothing " sighs Martha 

" Mm soothing what about Sense and sensibility? " Ginny suggests

" Or die hard with a vengeance!"  Ashley says

Shocked Martha gasps " That's not soothing ! "

Ashley looks surprised " Really? I love watching Brucie Baby kick some a ... "


" Oops sorry mum " giggles Ashley " Take down the bad guys " she finishes with a wink!

The girls voices, fade as they move further away towards the house, discussing whether taking down the bad guys can ever be called soothing! 


  1. So lovely the three girls in their wonderful matching shoes and dresses, all happy in that fine garden of yours! And kicking some a... CAN be soothing, I'm sure, but I would prefer something else!

  2. I love those outfits, they're so pretty! I think Martha has already been watching too much James Bond - the one with Halle Berry!