Saturday, 1 October 2022


 A new month and a 'new' Elizabeth get's changed.

She tells me that the sweater is wonderful as are the shoes but really that skirt is not her! But it will do for now!

She felt sure there was a crown with her name on it! I said crowns don't have names on and she gave me a look!

Then asking if I'd finished taking photos and when I said yes, she replied, as she walked off. that she'd be going through the clothing and making a list of what I'd need to purchase at this Chat n Snappy thing that the others had mentioned !

Mmm why is I always get the Sasha's with attitude?..

1 comment:

  1. I love that skirt, but it probably is more Hattie's look. Perhaps something in tweed for Elizabeth. I think most Sasha's (and Gregor's) have a bit of attitude. The consider themselves to be junior royalty, and in a way, they are.