Sunday 14 August 2011


Well I tried to take some close up photo's of the smocking and they were still blurred , so DH stepped in with his all singing all dancing camera and these are the results.

You can see that Leslie as used both red and white cotton for the smocking.

A lovely design in green.

The blue design stands out against the brown of the dress but links to the blue in the pattern.

It's a little harder to see on this picture but between the red smocking is also green smocking but such a good match to the dress colour it's harder to see unless you are holding the dress.

Well that is just some of the lovely Leslies smocking. I may have to buy myself a camera that can sing and dance but just a bit of dancing, you know more a Fred Astaire than a Michael Flatley ! Who I can hear any younger readers saying is Fred Astaire? Well he could dance the hind leg off a donkey as the saying goes but in an elegant tap dancing way....Tap?...yes tap.....I could be here all day....look him up on youtube?internet? amazon? You may also be happy to hear that I have found the picture editing place on the computer ,so can now trim the pictures which will make them easier to load. Ahh this technology stuff is quite useful, now what happens if I press this button?................................Ooops

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