Wednesday 10 August 2011


There is something about the Red haired Sasha's and Gregor's that just appeals to me that little bit more than the others. I have no red haired friends and the only red haired person in my family was my material grandmother who I called the Wicked witch of the North! and it was not with affection!! But when I see a red haired Doll on Shelly's site or elsewhere, I have to stop and study her/him and see if they 'click' with me.

 My search for George, my redhaired baby, stemmed from seeing him on Shelly site and I was not going to have a baby sasha/gregor! But His red hair and blue eyes sucked me in and we all know what happened then!!

This is a picture of Mathilda my first red haired Sasha, who came wearing the white dress. It took me a while to warm to her and if I thought I had too many Dolls she would alway be near the top of the list to sell on but now she nowhere near top of list.

My second Redhead was Duncan who came in the blue cord suit. Of my boy's Him and Toby I would never sell.

Next came Grace my limited edition Kiltie. When I received her I was really not sure if I liked her face and she was top of my list, if needing to sell. But One day I changed her clothes and suddenly she looked a lot better and her face appeared much sweeter , so she is sliding down the list.

Then I was looking for an Angela but every time I found one it was either the wrong time or I dithered too long and she was snapped up by someone else! My friend found one and she loved her so much she bought a second one. She kindly said I could use her picture of them althought both Angelas, they have a slight differance in their faces.

They are called Ruby and Scarlet. My next red haired Sasha is my OOAK kelly  girl Virginia who I received for my birthday this year. I fell in love with her beautiful  Pre-Raphelite red hair which gives her such a differant look to my other Sasha's.

While looking for my Angela I came across a red haired Marina and she joined the family.It has taken me a while to decide on a name which is not good because un named dolls tend to find themselves sold on. But I have finally decided to call her Maisie but still undecided if she's staying but she is growing one me......

 Now I have finally managed to get an Angela, she is still wearing her original oufit and I am waiting for a dress I ordered for her to arrive. Then she will be changed and named , I had settled a name but suddenly yesterday a new name came to me so she is now Evie.

So now you would think my collection of red haired dolls would be complete BUT I love the 1968/69 red haired girls, I always have and when I say about Dolls on my selling list, it's because I have seen a 68/69 girl and I start to work out how I can have her!! If I sell this set of Sasha's would I have enough?Then I decide I like my Sasha's too much to sell them ( they always suddenly look beautiful when I'm Holding them and deciding if to sell them!! I think they know and turn on the Sasha charm!!!) Then the doll I have seen someone will purchase her or if on Shelly site she will have  sold or sale pending and I can just go and look and press my face up against that window..... If you want to see some lovely pictures of 60's red haired Sasha's have a look at vintage Sashas Blog where there are some beautiful dolls.

And all this from a person who was never going to buy a 60's Sasha at them prices!!! However I am not to be defeated and have started my red haired 60's Sasha fund with 50p, four balls of wool and a cunning plan.........


  1. So 50p, four balls of wool and a cunning plan...I've got it! You are going to KNIT a '69 redhead :)

  2. LOL... Do you think I could get away with it? the body may be ok but the face.......

  3. Dee, please email me at about one of your dolls.


    1. Hi Joan

      I have emailed you, my email address is also on my sales page.