Saturday 13 August 2011


On the Sasha-L group site there has been questions on smocking, how to do etc and lots of helpful answers from lots of Sasha people. One of the people who answered was Leslie who sells her beautiful smocked dresses on ebay under the special delivery name. Leslie said that she would love to pass on her skill but her daughters are not interested. Which is a shame as talent such as Leslies will become a lost art. I have been fortunate enough to win some of Leslies dresses and this Sasha discussion made me decided to dress some of my girls in Leslies beautiful dresses and load them on to my blog for all to see. And should Leslie ever decide to come to uk she can visit me for a few days and hold a master class in smocking!!

This is Hermione wearing the first ever Leslie dress I won , in a paisley print. You will see from these photos that not only is Leslie a talented Smocker she knows how to pick beautiful prints for her dresses.

Kirsty in a deep pink multi print.

Violet wearing green with red diamond pattern and red smocking.

Claudia in red with blue berrys and blue smocking.

Dusty in white with brown mix pattern.

Phoebe in brown with blue pattern and blue smocking.

Miriam wearing a beautiful flower print dress with red smocking.

Sophie-Elizabeth in a pale green paisley patterned dress.

Lara in red check with red smocking.

Annie in peach check.

Grace in Blue and white floral.

Evie in purple my latest from Leslie. She also does smocked tops as shown by my next photo.

Sapphire in blue and white check smocked top and jeans.
Now from the photo's you can see the lovely work done by Leslie. My DH has explained how to get my close up photos in focus, so I will go and try to take some close up shots of the smocking.
There also several others on ebay who have started putting smocked dresses on , so maybe the art of smocking will survive like all fashions coming and going with the times, one minute in the next not but for me and my Sasha's always in fashion...

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  1. Well you certainly have a quite a few of these lovely dresses! ;-)