Friday 19 August 2011


Duncan and Adam decided that they want to open an account to help mum save for their next red haired sister. They have heard talk that her adoption fee will be very high! and it will take a good while before she can come home, unless mum wins more than £10 on the lottery!!

"Lets try here" says Duncan" it says helpful banking on their sign"
"We'll have to wait while the lady finishes with the other customer" sighs Adam dropping their bag of 2p's on the floor.

"Next Please"

Duncan and Adam make their way up onto the counter.

" Good evening Sir .How may I help" asked the Cashier.
" We'd like to open an account to save for a sister" states Duncan
" She looks just like Isabella" whispers Adam giving Duncan a nudge with his elbow.
" I see " says the cashier " have you seen our savings brochure?"

"This One?" asks Duncan
"Yes" says the cashier " We have several accounts. How much do you have to invest?"
"One pound in 2p's" Says Adam.

" Thats Fine" says the young lady behind the counter" You'd best start with our first reserve account unless you pay Tax then you could have an ISA account?"
" Whats Tax?" asks Adam bewildered.
" We're only Nine !" says Duncan
" Then a Young Saver account would be best"

"We'll have one of the young saver accounts please"
" Certainly Sir. Let me just open that for you. Can I have your name and address"
after several minutes Their account is open and their £1.00 deposited. " won't mum be surprised" crow's Adam as they leave the bank.
Duncan looks at Adam with a glare" It's supposed to be a secret until we save enough! We have only got a pound ! mum said it would cost over a 1000 pounds!"
"BLIMEY!" shouts Adam " I'll be an old man by the time we save all that!"
Duncan laughs " We are not going to save it all we're just going to help"
Adam wipes his brow " Thats a relief |I was thinking a fiver would be enough!"
Duncan falls about laughing..."What? Whats so funny?" Adam asks with disgust, Duncan just carries on laughing all the way home.


  1. I smile each time i read your blog but today i laughed out loud, thank you!Good luck with the saving!

  2. Thank goodness they opened an account..I half expected to see them on an episode of 'Crimewatch' :)

  3. Wonderful, how on earth did you manage to secure a photo session in the bank? Do you work in one?

    Aren't they good kids, helping their Mum save?!

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    What can I say it was an inside job :)
    I'm hoping the CCtv will not appear on youtube!!