Friday 26 August 2011


WELL ! I was busy minding my own business when suddenly someone stole my wagon and off I fell!!!
I can hear your gasps of shock from here ..

I shall start at the begining...I am saving for my red haired 68/69 sasha, I know that it will take me a long while unless I decide to sell one of my daughters...but I know that whoever bought one would soon return her...they are too much like their mother! I mean Father.. ..... so I am being good and only looking at Sasha things on Ebay and elsewhere ( Some small, mini, tiny purchases do not count), when today while talking to my friend Gill on the phone ...( did  she push me off??????)
She says those bad mad words.." Oh someone as listed some dolls for sale on a buy it now or make an offer, there's a Gotz brunette Gregor " even as we end our conversation my computer is on and I'm having a look at  said Gotz Brunette Gregor with the lovely full head of hair and the beautiful blue eyes........I fight I Do... I look at the other new ones listed, I return and I look again, yes I have admired this Gotz style boy before, I'll just put him in my watching, he looks very clean and new, I'll just go round ebay sasha again, then I''m back... I'll just make an offer..... he's got days to run, the seller will wait for a better offer.

I put in my offer , turn off my computer and go and do some housework, thinking, I really do like that Boy, I should have just bought him...No you are being good, someone will sneak in and snatch him from you it's for the best you are nearly falling off the wagon but you'll be saved.......

He's name is Benjamin and he'll be arriving soon.................Has anyone seen a wagon?.........


  1. Oh you 'norty' lady :-) Enjoy!

  2. You could always KNIT Benjamin a red woollen wig so from a distance (of about 2 miles) he will look like a '69 redhead Sasha! :) :)

  3. That's an Idea! But from that distance he may be liberated by a lonely meerkat with a thing for red heads.......Simples :)

  4. Wagon...who needs a wagon. You will be so happy with him. I'm looking forward to the pictures.

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  6. How does that song go...." three wheels on my wagon but i'm still rolling along......"

    This is the post i removed above but with me paying attention to my typing!!