Friday 5 August 2011


Today was just right for some of the children to go and play in the garden after all of yesterdays rain.

Toby,Mitzi and Lara play hide and seek, Toby is it!.

While toby is hunting for the girls, mini comes out and decides to climb up the big step!

Looks like she's going to make it!

'I'm the queen of the castle' crows Mini from her high perch.

Adam has joined Toby and Mini, Toby says he's looked everywhere and he cannot find Lara and Mitzi decided she was not playing any more and as gone off to get her skipping rope!

Adam and Toby continue to discuss where Lara maybe.....

The boys are talking so loud that they do not hear whats happening above them.......BOO

Startled Toby jumps forward as Adam turns to look up at Lara...' Ha Ha ' laughs Lara 'that made you jump'

'If mum finds out you climbed up there , you'll be for it! ' Adam tells Lara as she climbs down the gargoyles side.'  You'd better not tell her then' argues Lara '
' I'm no snitch!' states Adam angrily

Mitzi who has been happily skipping, decides to try and keep the peace by asking Adam and Lara to turn her skipping rope for her, after a bit more bickering they agree.

They all play happily for awhile watched by Mini, toby is off searching for ants..
After a while the girls decide to go in and do some colouring, leaving Adam, Toby and Mini outside.

For a while the boys play on the space hopper but then start getting bored. 'Lets go and watch a dvd' says Toby' Pirates of the Caribbean' ' You always want to watch that! Lets watch Despicable Me ' argues Adam, the boys are just about to walk away when Mini crys out 'Help! I'm is stuck'  so the boys help her down from high 'castle perch'..

Then they all head indoors still arguing about which film to watch ,forgetting that they still have to get mum to agree....


  1. I do enjoy your blog Dee! It has inspired me to start my thank you for least it will keep me off of ebay for a while :)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging and yes It can help you keep off ebay but not for long!

  3. You are so right..I have just strayed onto ebay again......(blush!)