Wednesday 31 August 2011

THE NAME IS.......


Yes my New Gotz boy is here and what a darling he is

.Ever since I bought him I have imagined saying the words ' My name is Bond, Benjamin bond'!! I feel  he must be a junior James Bond in the making ! He looks quite mature and I could well have an action boy on my hands only time will tell!
 He'll be a good friend and brother for Duncan who is very sporty and likes to take a risk...there could be trouble ahead...

He is settling in and of course picked the soft toy bulldog! for his own and called him Brutus.

And he is wearing his brand new Pirate jumper that arrived at the same time as he did in an envelope addressed to Benjamin!! Who knows he's here? and his name?......It's started already...



  1. He is fab Dee! What a stunner! I have been naughty as well and am (hopefully) expecting my new boy 'Archie' to arrive later today..I am SO excited :)

  2. It's such a nice feeling when another " parcel" is expected!! But there truely is no hope once you are bitten by the Sasha Bug! and no cure!!!

    I'll only say this " two wheels on my wagon..but I'm still rolling along........."

  3. dee be careful as those little blue nose friends tend to multiply, esme now has 23 on her pillow when she goes to sleep !...sarah x

  4. It's too late Sarah! there are already about ten belonging to my Sasha's and Gregor's!