Sunday, 22 December 2013


If you saw the post of my new boy Billy Bob you'll know that I said you can get other animals . Today I had to go back to the Garden centre so took my camera as I had promised a few more photo's.

Here they are ..

These three mice are so sweet.

A sheep! or it could be a lamb I suppose but still very fun.

THE DOG he was one of the first ones I ever saw last year and was very taken with him but the Goat beat him to the till this year.

another view of the dog and a back view of the cat and mice.

THE BULL , this is the first bull I have seen so may be a new addition to the range, he is very majestic!

Close up of the bull's face , I am very taken with him but he is way too expensive!! And where on earth would he go!!! It's always worth remembering that less is more in some cases..unless it's Sashas then more is best!!!

And last we have the cat who looks like he's stunned to find three metal mice within pouncing distance!!

These need to be better displayed to get some buyers or if I wait long enough they'll reduce the price so low  I may feel the need to bring a couple more home......



  1. Only ME again. I'm missing SS-R's competative spirit. Not much fun trying to beat oneself!

  2. Oh gosh! One is spoilt for choice here. I do particularly like the sheep with it's curly coat, the cat with it's fantastic face (so very cat-like ) and one of the mice with the green nose. The bull looks fierce shouldn't like to come face to face with him at night.
    Should think that SS-R might well prefer the dog BUT I think that you have the perfect garden for the goat.

    Love the idea of all the re-cycling that has gone into their making. Thanks for this bright and cheerful post.

    1. They are all so nice , it's hard to chose but any would look good in the right place!! :)

  3. That bull would be perfect for Spain!!!! (Not that I'm into bull fighting one little bit!) And those three blind mice are like invasion of the Steampunk Mice or something!!! I love their metal goggles!
    We have a large metal mouse in our garden but she is a little bit more girlie girlie than these ones.
    I wonder who will join your goat in the January sales? :)

    1. That Bull would be prefect for Spain!! I would call him El Torro no idea why but it's what comes to me when I see him!!
      No more for me Jan sales or not...less is more.... :)