Saturday 21 December 2013


Mrs Mum's heard about Mossy's parcel and she gone to look for him, so she can help him put his parcel somewhere safe until Christmas day.

She comes across a pile of Christmas presents waiting to go under the tree. But wait! What's that little glimpse of silver grey fur on the far side, Mrs Mum decides to go look.

" Hello Mossy " says Mrs Mum making the little bear jump " What are you doing? "

Mossy gets up quickly and stands in front of his parcel " Oh Hello Mrs Mum , what are you doing here? "
" Never mind what I'm doing " says Mrs Mum " Just what are you doing? " Mossy looks everywhere but at Mrs Mum while he tries to think of what to say " Arh Mm I was ...I was... "
"Just going to step away from the parcel " says Mrs Mum....

"MOSSY!" says Mrs Mum on seeing that some of the parcel wrappings been torn open .
Mossy sits down with a sigh " Well it's my parcel " he complains
" Yes and you know you must wait until Christmas eve before you can open it "
" That's years away " Moans Mossy
" It's three days " says Mrs Mum, Mossy brightens up " But I know just the person to stop you looking before then "

Mrs Mum goes to the door and calls out ,Mossy cannot hear what she says but soon footsteps can be heard hurrying up the hallway.

Mrs Mum speaks quietly to Walter the Viking bear and he hurries over and stands guard in front of the presents.

Mossy has what can only be called a ...tantrum!!! " NO It's Not FAIR ... that Old Nasty Viking!! Not HIM!"
Mrs Mum leaves Mossy in Walter's capable hands.
After a while Mossy stops moaning and groaning and gets to his feet! He stares at Walter fiercely which just makes Walter chuckle and roll his eyes and then he storms off......

Walter keeps guard then he hears a tinkling of a bell!!

It's coming from behind him and to the side. He puts down his shield so that he can draw his sword quickly if needed and makes his way to the side...

He is unsurprised to see the sight of a bear sneaking past the presents towards the back .

"Are you lost lad? " he questions with a chuckle making Mossy spin round so fast he feels all dizzy and light headed for a minute!
" Where did you come from ? " demands Mossy feeling a little sick after turning so fast

" Give it up lad " says Walter sternly " Be about your business else where!"

" I'll have you know this is my business ! " states Mossy " I was looking for my...... " He tries to think of something then he smiles " Jewel I seem to have lost it!"
Walter just looks at him like he's simple " Would that be a big green jewel hanging on a golden thread ? " asks Walter in an awed voice
" Why Yes " says Mossy entranced
" Well " whispers Walter " It's....."
" Yes ! Yes !" asks Mossy
"Hanging round your NECK!" states Walter Then taking Mossy's arm he marches him to the door, put him outside and shuts it behind him.

Walter returns to his post in front of the presents, this is going to be easy he thinks, if I'm up against stopping Mossy getting to these.
He settles down knowing Mrs Mum will be along shortly with some Honey cakes and lemonade to help keep his strength up for the job ahead!......



  1. Here I am just in case SS-R is still competing!

  2. I have a feeling Walter is up against more than he is planning on. I don't imagine anying about his post will be easy, unless it's the lemonade and honey sandwiches delivered to him.

    1. So true Julie. But at least he'll have some honeycake and Lemonade to compensate !

  3. Magnificent! We can all empathise with Mr. Mossy in this situation.

    Love him being caught by Mrs Mum sneakingly trying to open it at one end to try get a sneaky little peep. (Priceless look on his face when he is caught out.)

    Adore the throwing of himself on the floor tantrum. My daughter used to do this when she was a toddler and I sometimes feel like this even now when I can't get my own way (but daren't as I know that I wouldn't be able to get myself up again without help!) Fab expression on Walter's face in this photo!

    Pity that the tinkling of the little red bell decoration gives his second attempt away. (Sorry Mr Mossy about having added that as you might have got away with it otherwise.)

    My VERY favourite Village posts are the ones with Mr Mossy included. I just love him to bits. MORE please!

    1. Kendal I thought of you throwing yourself to the floor in a tantrum made me smile! :)) but best not to try it unless you have someone close by to help you up again!!
      I really have no need to add Mossy to most posts as he seems to manage to get himself in there quite well on his own!!

  4. Kendal writes my feelings much better than I could.
    Love your Villagers
    - and this little Mossybear is an important part of your family.

    1. Thank you Anne. It would appear that Mr Mossy as made himself one of the star's of the village
      stories!! and I'm sure he will not be changing any time soon ! :)

  5. Oh darn, poor little Mossy, it looks like he's really going to have to wait to open his parcel, doesn't it!!!
    I agree with Kendal, a blog post at the Village is not the same without an appearance from Mr M!!! He really is a Very Important Teddy Bear!!!

    1. Sharon I am NOT telling that bear that you think he's Very Important!! There will be no living with him and the other bears will get jealous!!