Sunday 8 December 2013



Some of the bears are watching the Christmas adverts on the computer in Mr Dad's office.

"What's he doing? " asks Hugo
"Sniffing the air" replies Gloria
" Yes He want's to find out where the nearest burger king is" says Aimee
" NO he does not!" says Gloria sternly " he is sniffing the air because it's winter and he can smell the snow coming"
"Oh! " say all the other bears..

"What's he doing now? " asks Hugo
" Hibernating " says Gloria
"What's hifinating? " asks Hugo
" Hibernating " corrects Gloria " is when bears go to their caves and sleep through the cold winter months until spring arrives "

"Oh!" say all the other bears.....

"Hey! What's that rabbit doing? " asks Hugo
" That's Hoppit and he's come to do in Reuben who is sleeping in the cave!" laughs Mossy
" Mossy!" says Gloria sternly as poor Hugo starts to shake in fear " It's not Hoppit , it's the bears friend who is leaving him a Christmas present "

"Oh!" say all the bears...

"Look it's daytime " says Aimee "Why's he got his hand over his eyes? "
" Because he's got a head ache? "
" NO, he is trying to sleep "
"Oh!" say all the bears....

"Look! " says Hugo excitedly " The rabbit left him a present "
" Yes it's probably a bomb!" say Mossy
"MOSSY!" says Gloria
" Oh ok it's a jar of honey " says Mossy " Happy now ? " he asks Gloria

"Oh!" say the bears....

The advert finishes with the bear and his friends sitting round the Christmas tree.
" Oh that's so sweet " says Aimee
Some of the others agree and they start chatting about what they have seen.

"OH NO!" says Mossy suddenly making everyone stop and look at him " We have not been hibernating!"
" We've not? " asks Diggory who is never sure about anything due to his head wounds from having the dreaded Lucas decide to find his brain!!
"No" replies Mossy " we need to hibernate now ! Today !"

"Are you sure ? " questions Gertie
" Of course " says Mossy importantly " We are bears, he's a bear, you have just seen him go to sleep for the winter! " he puffs out his chest " So we must go to sleep for the winter!"

"Well " says Aimee to Gertie " I for one am not sleeping in no dirty smelly old cave on dead leaves and old grass"
Gertie shudders " No I'm not either !"

That sets off a debate about where they can sleep out the winter! Someone says about asking Drago if he'll share his lair in the garden but others refuse to sleep out with the dragon in case he gets peckish while they are sleeping!
Lots of arguing occurs until they all finally agree ......

Lila and Mossy lead the way.....

The Living room!!! Mossy and Lila nab the armchair knowing they won't have to squeeze up with all the others on the sofa.
They ignore Reuben who is locked in the bird cage on the side table.

 "Let me out!" demands Reuben from the cage
" Pretend you cannot hear him " Mossy tells Lila

Next in are Aimee and Gertie. Aimee gives Gertie a push up onto the sofa. " Have you put on weight ? " she asks puffing
" NO I have not!" says Gertie annoyed " It's not me who keeps having an extra honey sandwich before bed!"

Soon they are all snuggled up ready for their winter hibernation. Reuben watches them in amazement!

"What an earth are you lot doing? " demands Reuben "and let me out of this cage!"
"Ignore him " says Mossy , the others pretend they cannot hear his grumbling!

Finally Gertie and Aimee get fed up with Reuben keep asking questions and turn round and tell him what they are doing .
"Why Oh Why ! " sighs Reuben " do have to live with this bunch of idiots!"
"Cheek!" gasps Aimee " If anyone's an idiot it's you!"
"Yes " agrees Gertie " We are not locked in a cage to keep us from sending letters to Np girl's around the world!"
"Let me out!" says Reuben growling " NOW"

The girl's settle back down to sleep while Reuben growls . After a while he goes quiet and all the bears start to drift off to sleep then suddenly Reuben starts singing and he cannot hold a tune!!
" One thousand bottles of milk on the wall one thousand bottles of milk and if one bottle of milk should accidently  fallllll.... they'll be nine hundred and ninety nine bottles of milk on the wall"

"Be quiet Reuben !" " Give it a rest!" " SAVE ME!"
"Eight hundred and eighty four bottle of milk on the wall......"
The bears try covering their ears but Reuben just sings louder..

Finally Mossy can stand it no more and lets Reuben out of the cage! A triumphant Reuben swaggers off to wards the door.
" When I see that postman I'm going to pop his cork! " he grumbles " I gave him two shillings to post my letters and I found them thrown in the hedge "
"What's a shilling? " asks Hugo
" It's old English money which is why the postman probably threw his letters away! Well that and he probably did not want Hattie on his case!" says Gloria

At last the bears all settle down and all's peaceful..for a while...

Mossy is awakened by Edward pushing his arm " Mossy Mossy!  what's going on?"
A dazed Mossy looks at Edward " We are sleeping out the winter !"
" What an earth for !" asks Edward confused
" because we are bears!"

"So?" asks Edward
Mossy feels smug knowing something that Edward obviously does not
" We are Hibernating for the Winter ! It's what bears do!"
" Yes it is " confirm's Edward " Bear's do indeed hibernate for the winter months. Brown bears, Grizzly bears BUT and this is the important part " says Edward " NOT TEDDY BEARS!" he finishes loudly waking up all the others who take in what he's just said!
"But on the TV !" starts Mossy
" How many times have I told you not everything you see on tv is true!" sighs Edward " I bet you saw that advert with the bear and the hare!"
They all nod
" Why am I not surprised " Edward sighs again " and if you are hibernating what are you doing in the living room? We are about to start putting up the Christmas decorations! and what's more what about Christmas? That's when teddy's are needed the most! "
The bears all start to get up and head towards the door after a departing Edward..

" I knew that Mossy did not know what he was talking about!" says Aimee
"Then why are we here? " says Gertie
" Well I just fancied a lie down " says Aimee thinking quickly " But now I fancy a honey cake topped with fresh cream !"
" Oo that sounds lovely " Gertie smiles " maybe I should have one to, just to keep you company of course "
" Of course " agrees Aimee and the girls wander off to the kitchen

But what's this! Hugo the little bear is sound asleep.
"Are you coming to the kitchen for a honey cake with cream ? " Gloria asks Diggory
" No no you go , I'll stay here with the youngster until he wakes "
" If you are sure " asks Gloria
" Yes yes  you hurry along before those two eat the lot!"

Once everyone's gone, Diggory slips under the cover with Hugo and snuggles down " I may as well be comfy while I wait for him to wake up " he mutters.

Soon all is quiet save for the gentle snores of an old bear .............


Hope you enjoyed this marathon of a post ! I did recommend you get a cup of tea or coffee at the start!


  1. I got a chai and enjoy your story so much. And the chai. Both:)
    Lovelovelove your bearies and your livingroom and long for how you (and the gang) will solve Reubens deep problems.

    1. Glad you enjoyed both your tea and my story :)
      Reuben's problems are deep but hopefully will be sorted in the new year>

  2. What a lovely story to read with my leisurely Sunday Morning coffee. Silly bears, hibernating is for outside bears!

    1. Thanks Janet
      It would appear that there are quite a few silly bears in this village !! :)

  3. 'Oh, ' says Kendal! 'What a marvellous post.'

    I hadn't seen this advert when it first came out (as Arthritic folks are told at our hospital that they have to get up from their chairs/settees and walk about during the adverts, so as to prevent getting stiff) so it wasn't until I was at the John Lewis store in Cheadle Hulme doing some Christmas shopping at the end of last month and noticed that they has a massive TV screen erected in there with a snow scene (depicting the scene and characters in front) and with their advert continually playing, so I stopped and watched it!
    Was most impressed as I am here! (I have heard rumours though that it cost seven million pounds to make which seems an incrediablle amount of money considering the recession!)

    Felt quite upset to see that Hattie had imprisoned Reuben in the bird cage, rather like being in a jail but cheered up when Mr Mossy let him out. (Was wondering why my NP girls hadn't heard from him for a while now.)

    After viewing this post guess where I'm off to? Yes, to have my afternoon nap on the settee and with a blanket over me.

    Brilliantly thought out and executed Dee! A million thanks for this superb break from my card writing and present wrapping session.

    1. Luckily it did not cost 7 million to make this, maybe they should ask me next year and save a fortune! I'll only charge them three Np's and a single fringe red!!
      Hattie is not the culprit , I think it was Hoppit you locked him in the cage , Hoppit does not like sharing Hattie!!
      Glad to hear you were only napping and not hibernating!! :)
      Glad you enjoyed the story and it helped to break up your Christmas work! :)

    2. Great story with the silly bears and I like your fee for doing the next Christmas commercial! I'd charge them a studio girl too.

    3. Thanks Doll Mum, I had forgotten about a studio girl, I'll have to add that to the fee!! :))

  4. Just finished my afternoon cuppa (and a mince pie - second one so far!) and tasted all the better for this most entertaining winter story. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Jude. That reminds me I must buy some mince pies!! Keep forgetting!

  5. What a great story - I just love how all the bears said 'Oh!'
    I too was starting to feel sorry for Ruben and was relieved that he was set free.
    Your little sitting room looks so cosy, much nicer than a draughty cave. Wouldn't mind curling up on one of those chairs myself, shame I wouldn't fit!

    1. :) Thanks Rosie. How you all can feel sorry for that rude little bear!! lol

      I'd quite like to curl up in their cosy living room to! Shame we cannot ! but it's nice to dream :)

  6. That was fun! We love this advert.
    By the way, Connie wishes Reuben to know she's considers herself to be an NP, regardless of Reuben's ideas, because she is Not Particular, but even she would not wish to be taken charge of by the impossible, opinionated Reuben. Has he considered the fact that HE may fail to meet the high standards and refined requirements of Lady Kendal's special girls?

    1. I'm sure he thinks he is the answer to any Np girl's dreams!! If only he knew!! He will sooner or later have the true hit him between the eyes...I'll tell him about Connie but I don't think he'll agree :)

  7. Hello Girls!
    Well Done K for beating me to the post :)
    Talking of posts...I loved this one...always enjoy seeing the bears...but as for the TV advert...STUPID HARE what was he thinking? By waking the bear up so early poor bear is going to probably starve to death before he can find any food (:
    I C U MR MOSSY...Does that count?

    1. Hello Ronny! How silly of course the bear will not starve to death!! Do you know how much food and chocolate people buy at Christmas??? MORE than they could ever eat in a month of Sundays!! He'll just go into town and rummage through someone's bin, he's more likely to get shot than starve to death!!!!
      You so know it DON'T count.. :)

  8. Dee, I don't think bears eat CHOCOLATE...except maybe the ones that live with you :)
    And why doesn't the Mr Mossy spot not count....he is sort of hidden in some of the pictures :)

    1. Ronny... Ronny... BEARS LOVE CHOCOLATE!! :) especially the bears in the village :))

      The clue as to why it does not count is in the words..SORT OF... :)

  9. I do like this John Lewis' advert but really only because it reminds me of Watership Down a bit...well the animation of it anyway! But I love your post! The bears are so funny and cute, I love how they're all sitting there watching the tv and I too really love how they all say "Oh!" after each explanation....I'm sure they really prefer the original comments rather than the sensible answers!
    I'm afraid I too feel a little bit sorry for Reuben.....but in a way I can really understand why someone locked him in the cage...he really is a very egoistic opinionated little bear, isn't he!!!!

  10. Thanks Sharon, some of them kept trying to lie down instead of sit but in the end they all did as was asked!! :)
    Oh! that's good you liked that :)
    It's amazing how you are all feeling sorry for Reuben being in the cage!! He's a little menace!! :)

  11. Hi Dee, I am beginning to feel quite sorry for Reuben, as he doesn't seem to fit in anywhere, lol. Mind you he has become very opinionated since he left me to come to live with you, lol.
    Great story, love seeing the bears together! xxx

    1. Hi Steve I'm sure he'll learn to fit in in time!! I don't know how you can say he's BECOME very opinionated since he arrived, I think you sent him here because he was ALREADY a pain in the rear!! lol
      Glad you liked the story :) xxx