Monday 16 December 2013


A parcel's arrived in the village addressed to Mr M Owen.... Toby and Zak who had taken it from the postman and put on the table were studying it .
" Who is M Owen ? " wonders Zak
" Michael?" say Toby " Or maybe Maurice!"
"We don't have anyone called Michael or Maurice !" says Zak " Maybe it's for Marcella?"
" Its says MISTER M " says Toby
" Oh Yes " mumbles Zak turning red..

"I think we should open it " whispers Toby
"Why are you whispering ? " Zak whispers back
" Well because we don't want anyone to know it was us that did it "
"I am not opening it "Says Zak loudly " It's not addressed to me!"
"OK OK !" says Toby " no need to get your pants in a twist it was just an idea!"
"It could be for one of the bears  " says Zak " Like Mossy !"

"What could be for like Mossy ? " questions Mossy appearing at the side of the parcel
"Nothing!" says Toby
"This Parcel" say Zak at the same time

"What Parcel ? " asks Mossy
" The one you are standing next to!" Toby giggles
"Oh That parcel " says Mossy " I thought you meant another one " 

He goes round to the front and looks intently at the label . He is not very good at reading but he knows his name when he sees it and the parcel definitely as the letter M after Mr.

"Yes it for me " he says turning back to the boys "Thank you for looking after it for me , you can go now!"
"But Don't you want to open it ? " ask Zak
"Yes " continues Toby " and see what's inside? We can help you open it. It's quite big for a little fellow like you !"
" No thank you " states Mossy firmly " Mrs Mum said NO ONE and that  includes BEAR's can open anything until Christmas " he finishes sounding just like Mrs Mum
"Well if you are sure " says Toby turning away " hopefully no one else will come along and open for you while you are off eating or something!" then laughing he runs off followed by Zak.

Mossy walks all round the parcel checking to see if there is a small gap he might just be able to look in and see what's inside ! But no luck it's been well sealed for it's trip in the postman's bag and van.

He climbs on top and sits daydreaming about what could be inside! He is so deep in thought he does not hear the new arrivals.

"What are you doing on that box ? " shouts Aimee looking up at Mossy
" None of your business !" says Mossy crossly.
Then he hears " It says here that's it's for Mr M Owen "

He quickly leans over to the other side
" HOY!  clear off  nosey " he calls down to Gertie who is reading the label
" All right keep your fur on!" she grumbles back.

" How do you know it's for you ? " argues Aimee " May be Mrs Mum's got a new boy coming and he's called a name that begins with M  HA!"
Mossy looks worried and then brightens " Because clever clogs , it's from my number one fan , that why!Her name is on the label" he finishes smugly
"Oh" says Aimee disappointed that she's not out witted Mossy " Well lets hope no one opens it before they should , come on Gertie lets go and see if Mrs Mum's finished cooking them honey cakes she promised "
" Yes lets " agrees Gertie walking off with Aimee  " just one thing Aimee why are clogs called clever? ..." their voices fade into the distance.Much to Mossy's annoyance he would have like to know why clogs are called clever too!

He decides to lay down and think about what to do about his parcel!

How is he going to stop someone from opening it when he's not there or worse taking it away!!!

He tosses and turns 

Twists and grumbles

Stares into space for what seems like hours and hours .......
but is really only ten minutes....

What is a bear to do??? especially when he can smell the delicious smell of honey cakes waffling from the kitchen ! He bets that Aimee left the door open on purpose to try and get him to leave his parcel so she can sneak back and look inside!
He lasts for about another minute before he decides to...

Hide his parcel where no one will find it .......

To be continued......


  1. Have I beaten K??????????????????
    I C U Mr Mos...does that count today :)

    1. The MR MOSSY COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!!! So no it does not count the winner/s ?
      will be announced at end of week... :)

  2. Yesssssssssssssssssss! I have beaten K today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh! Forgot to add...looking forward to seeing inside the box!!

    2. Glad you noticed the Box!! Lol I'm looking forward to seeing what in the box too! :)

  3. Mossy laying on the parcel reminds me on Snoopy on the red roof.
    Delicious post! Should send an additionel fanletter to Mossy.
    Or you :)

    1. Thank you Anne. I remember snoopy on his red roof! Glad you enjoyed his antic's.
      That Mossy loves his fans :)

    2. mr Mossy tossing and turning on his parcel is so funny, I am looking forward to the next instalment - there is no knowing what will happen next (except by Mrs Mum and even you Dee probably don't have your stories completely under control all the time - the characters you are dealing with have a mind of their own).

    3. My stories are very rarely under any sort of control! I start by taking the photo's which can be added too as I think of something else as I work, then I cut and resize the photo's and then I start on the story and then anything can happen!!!
      So although I have an idea of what comes next I have no Idea of where it will end!!! :)

  4. Good to know it arrived safely and no other Mr M Owen decided to open it.
    We laughed and laughed at Mossy lying on the top.
    Fingers crossed that what's inside's still in one piece!

    1. Yes it's here and hopefully Mossy will managed not to open it before Christmas! But it could be a big ask for him!!
      We all look forward to seeing what's inside :)

  5. Oh please say it really IS for Mossy - I just couldn't cope if he was disappointed on Christmas morning...I'd definitely weep into the sprouts and need several glasses of something restorative. He would need even more comforting and I might just have to cubnap him.

    1. Don't worry Jenni it is for Mossy , it's from his number one Fan and we are hoping he'll be able to wait until Christmas morning to open it!! Please dont weep into the sprouts they are bad enough without adding more salt water!! But a few glasses of something restorative may be in order just to help you pass the time!!
      Hiow that silly Mossy comes to have so many fans I just don't understand :)

  6. Awww how wonderful that Mr Mossy Owen has a parcel arrive just for him! I wonder what's inside! I will have to be patient like him and wait until Christmas for him to open it!
    I loved him tossing and turning on top of the parcel, so clever Dee!
    And why do they call clogs clever? Now there's a question for you!

    1. Well Mossy certainly thinks it's wonderful that he as a present!
      Clever clogs comes from people rhyming things like say sill billy etc and boots was a word to say fellow, so over time clever boots became clever clogs meaning a clever fellow!! :)

  7. Mr. Mossy must be quite intrigued to find out what's in his parcel. After all, it's not very often he gets a package in the mail. He has certainly laid claim to it - I love the poses of him sprrawled across the top of the box.

    1. Luckily he is a little dim, so will easily be swayed to leave it when other things take his attention, so It should be safe til the 25th!!

    2. Dim? DIM! Did you just call my beloved Mossy dim?
      Don't worry, Mossy! I'll be there to rescue you from this unappreciative lady!

    3. But that's why we love him! because he's not the sharpest card in the pack !! Where would we be without his endearingly confused look at life!!! He he was super clever he'd be a nightmare like that Reuben !! :)

  8. Well done SS-R on getting to comment before me on this post! I had banned myself going on the computer for the whole of yesterday to make suire that a few more Christmas preparations got done as have a very busy rest of the week.

    From the looks of things I missed this delightful post until now! (Even Dee emailed to see if I was OK so nice to know that I am occassionally missed on here!)

    Adored Mr Moss's antics on top of the parcel.He's certainly laid claim to it so do hope that it IS for HIM! Reminds me of me and my presents/gifts as I try to guess what's inside them.... though haven't resorted to actually trying to sleep on them as yet! (could be that so far they haven't been big enough for me to do that!)

    Got to hand it to you Dee! You're full of wonderful ideas that keep us on our toes and in suspence.

    1. Glad to hear you were just busy and not out and about living it up!!! ;)
      I feel that maybe from the sounds of things Mr Mossy could well take after you, thank goodness we did not have to stop you laying on the tables at the Chat n Snap while you decided what ones you wanted before anyone else got a look in!!!
      And NO! that's not a good idea for the next one!!
      Glad you enjoyed Mossy antic's I'm sure they will not be the last!! :)

  9. Hadn't thought of that but definitely worth thinking about!