Wednesday 25 December 2013


It's Christmas Day and all the presents apart from Mossy's are under the tree waiting to be opened after Christmas dinner .
Walters gone off to have a lovely big breakfast after standing guard for so many nights.
No one's seen Mossy since late Christmas eve!!

Suddenly the picnic basket opens! a small silver grey furred head appears !

Seeing the coast clear Mossy climbs out.


Where are all the other presents wonders Mossy but then he gets stuck into opening HIS present!

That's right thinks Mossy ! He opens the box...

It's a card from Lora ! His no 1 fan !
It says To Mr Mossy Hope you have a bear-y merry Christmas From Lora and everyone at the Sasha Craft Cottage.
Now to open my present thinks Mossy!

He climbs on and starts to tussle with the wrapping paper..

It's a struggle but he's not giving up!

How did that happen?

At last he makes his way inside!!

and fights his way out!!

More Paper !!

He takes five minutes for a rest to get his strength up for the final push!

At last he can see his present, a Santa riding a bike with a basket on the front.

He climbs on to the basket " Okay Santa take me to the Kitchen so I can get some breakfast !"
Santa does not move...

Just then Mrs Mum comes in and see Mossy sitting on the basket
"What are you doing ? "
Mossy explains.
"It's a Christmas decoration Mossy, it cannot take you anywhere !" explains Mrs Mum laughing as she carries on out the room.

Mm thinks Mossy my very own Christmas decoration ! and Mrs Mum had said I could put things in Santa's little basket !!
I bet I could get a big batch of honey sandwiches and cakes in there ! He decides he's going to take his new Santa to the kitchen and find out just how many!!

But before he goes he just wants to say  " Thank you Lora and everyone at the Sasha Craft Cottage for my lovely gift " He smiles happily " Oh and if next time you could include a few honey Sandwiches and less wrapping I would be very grateful  Love Mossy  " then the cheeky little bear goes in search of honey Sandwiches and cakes!!



  1. Oh Mossy, How lovely! Just think, next year you can leave out your decoration instead of a stocking and, if the other Santa turns up with honey sandwiches for you, he can leave them in the basket on the bike front. Then Mrs. Mum won't even have to wash your stocking out after.
    What a lovely prezzie! Ad you can scrunch all the wrapping back into the box and snuggle into it for an after sandwich and cake doze.
    Merry Christmas, Favourite Little Bear!
    Jenni xx

    1. I'm sure he'll be leaving it just right for Santa to fill with Honey sandwiches next Christmas! and I'm sure he'll lick up all the honey that sticks to the basket, he's not one to miss a bit!!
      That Mossy can sleep standing up ! never mind in a box of wrapping although I am sure he will have done that by the time Christmas is over.
      Mossy would say Merry Christmas but his mouth is full of Homey cake !! :)

  2. Happy Christmas Mossy, Mrs Mum and everyone at the Village.
    We're so glad you liked your present - next time we'll remember the honey sandwiches!
    Lora says she thought Mossy could sit in the basket and pretend he was ET!!
    Hope you have a lovely day :)

    1. Merry Christmas Rosie, Lora and all at the Sasha craft cottage.
      Mossy loves his present and he's already filled the basket with honey sandwiches and then eaten them TWICE!! He's not feeling very well at the moment :)
      I'm sure he will sit in the basket and pretend he is ET and not doubt want to phone home...again and again..until Edward gets annoyed !! :)
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

  3. Just got back home from a scrumptious meal out with the family to find this very creative blog post featuring our favourite of the village bears awaiting my viewing.
    Love seeing Mr Mossy struggling with all that wrapping paper as I shall no doubt be hopefully doing later on.

    Now for a quick nap to boast the energy levels (and give the stomach a little rest) before the lighter evening meal of fresh Canadian lobsters, prawns, salad and hot crisy rolls and my home-made sherry trifle, followed by our present opening before finally settling down to watch Downton.

    I hope that you all had as lovely a day so far as I have had.

    1. Glad you are having a lovely day Kendal, sounds like you have the food all organized and ready to munch.
      We have had a lovely Christmas day and are looking forward to Boxing day.

  4. Oh Mossy! What a lovely gift to receive!!! It looks just perfect for showing off your honey sandwiches next Christmas!! And it's ALL yours! Isn't that wonderful that you got a present that is just for you!!!!

    Ooooooh Kendal, that does sound lovely! I really do love Lobster, we had a lot of large prawns but that would go down well as we speak!!!

    1. Mossy is very lucky to receive such a lovely gift. But I can see trouble next year when he refuses to let anyone have any Honey sandwiches until he's filled his basket!!!

      I have to say I do not like or eat Prawns or Lobster I'll leave that to you and Kendal :)