Wednesday 25 December 2013


Four of the Sasha Village Children went to visit Arabella who was staying with a family member over Christmas at his home in the country.

It was quite late when they arrived but Arabella had made sure the lights were on so they could see their way.

The entrance all was decorated for Christmas.

Arabella gives some last minute instructions to her secretary about the visitors.

He makes sure all is well and informs her that her visitors have arrived and are awaiting her in the hall.

Agnetha and Callie are amazed at the size of the house!

Arabella hurries down to meet them on the stairs
" Welcome Welcome and a Merry Christmas "
" Hello" " Merry Christmas " they all chime back.

" Uncle Roy will be so pleased you could come and help him celebrate Christmas "

" Come with me and I'll show you round " says Arabella excitedly " make yourself at home "

Toby and Zak need no second telling , within minutes they have run past Arabella and are whooping around the upstairs landing.

Leaving the boys running round the building like banshees!!! Arabella takes the girl's off to see the chapel.

Taking herself up to the lectern , she  looks down at the others.

"Why are you up there? " asks Callie
" I think as it's Christmas we should say some prayers !"

Agnetha whispers " She is getting very into this lady of the manor attitude "
" Yes " Callie whispers back " but lets humour her for now "

The girls all bow their heads and pray for all the people who are not so fortunate as them and hope that they will be safe and warm for Christmas.

" How many prayers is she going to say!" whispers Callie after ten minutes
Luckily just then Arabella raises her head and says she'll take them off for something to eat and drink.

It's a long way to the sitting room but the girls admire all the different rooms along the way.

The boys find their way into the sitting room where they all sit around chatting about the lovely big house.

They are enjoying themselves so much they stay for quite a while laughing and joking about living in such a lovely place.

To be continued......



  1. Thanks Arabella and friends.
    We never got the chance so far having a look inside english country houses.
    We're deeply impressed!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    1. Thanks Anne
      We love looking inside country houses and this one is not open to the public.

      Merry Christmas

  2. Did check in here VERY early on Christmas morning just in case but obviously you were still asleep in bed and it was a blank canvas.
    Never had the chance again, until now, as didn't even manage to get to open my presents until after 9.30pm..... but did enjoy the day with a good portion of our large family.

    1. I was up early but the blog was not my first priority.However we are having a quiet family Christmas but big family get together on Saturday, so was able to spend time doing this blog post in the evening after having the joy of visiting Ashridge house where a close family member works and had to work Christmas day.
      We had a lovely time walking round the house and taking photo's.

  3. For a moment there I thought you had a bit of the old Blue Blood running through them there veins Dee! I enjoyed the post, Ashridge House is very pretty and I love the staircase, amongst other things of course! It looks like the kids had a great time looking around, doesn't it!

    1. If Only!! I would love to spend Christmas etc in a beautiful old house like that! Would be great to have all that space for the Sasha's!! No need for a studio in the garden if the house was that big!
      The kids and the adults had a great time wandering round :)