Monday, 30 December 2013


the winners of the Where's Mossy Competition ...

" Mossy Sit down and tell the people who won the competition please "
" But Mrs Mum I could still hide in the photo's so people can find me !"
" Mossy the competitions finished, so there will be no more hiding everywhere !"
" But I .."
"No "
"But ! "
" Enough Mossy please say the announcement "
" Oh all right .. " sigh...

" Hello It's your most favourite bear in the Village " he smiles " well in the whole wide world really "
" Mossy " says Mrs Mum
" Yes!" enquires Mossy
" Stop blowing your own trumpet and get a move on "
Mossy looks confused for a moment then grins " I can play the trumpet ? Well I never knew that !" he looks
at Mrs Mum " Can I have a trumpet ?"
" NO " says Mrs Mum looking at the ceiling! " get a move on or I'll ask Edward to announce the winners!"
Mossy gives Mrs Mum a steely eyed stare then addresses the camera.

" It is with much joy that I announce that the winner of the junior Where the delightfully handsome Mr Mossy  competition is ... " he looks at Mrs Mum " If I had a trumpet I could blow it before announcing the winner !"
Mrs Mum Looks towards the door saying  " I'll just get Edward "
Mossy quickly carries on talking " the winner is my number one fan Lora!!" he claps loudly making whooping noises until Mrs Mum gives him the Glare!!

He gets up and starts to climb on the arm of the chair " Where are you off to!" calls Mrs Mum
" To get the honey sandwich  you promised if I sat still and told the winner who they are!"
" But you have not finished yet ! There's the winner of the Adult Where's Mossy comp."

" Oh so there is " says Mossy getting back down " Yes now who was it again? " Mrs Mum just looks at him
" Mm she was like an eagle and did not miss a trick and even noticed when I only had a teeny tiny paw peeking from behind a pot .....what was her name ? " he asks Mrs Mum , who gives him another glare
" Oh I remember now it's ...mumble mumble rhubarb custard toffee apple pie mumble mumble "
Mrs Mum starts to put down her camera so Mossy stops mumbling and says quickly  " it's Mrs Kendal of the Sasha Brood , her prize will be sent next week " he looks at Mrs Mum " Can I have my honey sandwich now !
" Yes "


I would like to thank all who took part in the Where's Mossy competition, it was at times a very close run thing but Kendal was in the end well ahead of the field for the adults.

Mossy sent Lora's prize off before Christmas and she sent some photo's of her Sasha's enjoying their winnings.

Lots of animals interested in the box...

Lonely helps see what's inside while Cora adds a Mossy badge to their new Hattie hat.



  1. Hearing that I have won the 'Find Mr Mossy' adult competition has 'made my day!' (....the last day of 2013!)

    I don't usually win any competitions or raffles but loving Mr Mossy as I do I was determined to try my very hardest to win this one.
    Minutes, which added together became hours, were literally spent examining each and every photo that he could possibly be in and emailing my recorded findings with the exact photos to Denise. (As Dee mentioned I even found (by saving the photo in my pictures and enlarging it) a tiny bit of his paw fur poking out from behind a flower pot that even she hadn't noticed!)

    My delighted thanks go to Denise for this brilliant idea and to Mr Mossy himself for taking part and providing this wonderful entertainment for all those who decided to take part.

    Many thanks again and a very happy, healthy and Sasha/Bramber Bear fun-filled New Year to you both.

    1. Congratulations Kendal for your dedication in finding that little Mossy everywhere he hid!
      Happy New Year and thank you for taking part :)

  2. Two worthy winners! Congratulations to you both!
    This has been a wonderful post. It starred my favourite bear and I found out where little Lonely had moved to as well. I'm thrilled to see her looking so happy in her new home. It has made the end of 2013 complete for me. Give her a little cuddle from me, please Lora. I also admire your beautiful Cora with her neat hair - my Cora would like to know who her hairdresser is. It is so hard to find a good Afro-Caribbean hairdresser in the wilds of Wales!
    Happy New Year to all who read , write, star in and help with the scenery for this blog!
    Jenni xx

    1. Yes indeed two very worthy winners and So glad that you could see a happy Lonely being loved and cared for by Lora and her Sasha family.
      Happy New Year to you and yours :)
      Dee xx

  3. Congratulations to Lora for jointly winning this 'Where's Mr Mossy' competition with me. I bet that you're as thrilled and pleased as I am. I see that you and your Sashas have some super gifts to congratulate and award you on this fabulous win.
    Well done again.
    Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year.
    PS. Please give my love and a big hug to Little Lonely.

  4. Many thanks Mrs Mum and Mossy for running the competition, Lora was thrilled to win the junior section and so excited to get a box full of presents from Mr M.
    Lora loves to keep the Sashas here looking neat and often tells me off when they don't look tidy enough LOL
    Wishing a Happy New Year to all at the Village and everyone else in blog land. We hope all your Sasha dreams come true.

    1. PS I meant to say - thank you all for your good wishes to Lonely. As you can see she is well and happy. She spends a lot of her time following her big brother Marc around and 'helping' whenever she can!

    2. Many thanks for taking part ! I could do with a little Lora around here to keep all these Sasha's and Gregor's looking their best!! and also all these little Bramber bears that seem to be taking over the village!
      Happy New Year to all at the Sasha Craft Cottage xx

  5. Yeaaaaah what a lovely end to 2013!!!! Congrats to both Lora and Kendal for winning their respective prizes! It's been a lot of fun looking for Mr Mossy, he's such a cute and charismatic bear! Definitely one of my favourites at the Village!!
    Happy New Year to all at The Village and of course to Dee and her family....I look forward in anticipation to all the posts that we hopefully have coming in the New Year!!!!
    Big hugs and lots of love, Sharon xxxx

    1. Thank you Sharon. Mossy is certainly full of himself of such a little bear :)
      I must say there are still quite a few idea's waiting to be used :)
      Hugs Dee xx

  6. Koestlich, unbezahlbar - we laughed to tears, my husband and I- as I translated your discussion to him.

    1. I am so happy it made you both laugh :) That Mossy is a right little diva!!

  7. Announced as only Mossy could announce winners! So funny (both my younger girl and I laughed out loud at this post). What a bonus to see Lonely happily unpacking the prize for Lora. Congratulations Kendal and Lora.

    1. Thanks, there is only one Mossy! :)
      It is lovely to see Lonely living a Happy life with Lora at the craft cottage :)

  8. Congratulations to the winners. I have had such fun looking for Mr. Mossy, and look forward to seeing him in the new year.