Sunday, 1 December 2013


I was cruising e bay the other day when I happened across a buy it now , make an offer , for a lovely table with a picnic basket with china and table cloth.
I had a look at it , I know the seller who had said it was a good fit for Sasha and decided to make an offer and was delighted to have it accepted. it arrived in the week and is just perfect for the village.

I already had three chairs that luckily fit well  with the table.

Will fit nicely on top while the floor is swept and washed!

Stevie's come along to have a look at the new table.

Stevie likes the fit, she thinks it will make the perfect place for eating and also doing homework or drawing or just chatting to her brothers and sisters.

The table with the cloth that came with the picnic basket.

The plates and flowers are items I already owned.

I'm sure the DH likes it too! It's one less thing for him to have to make from my prop list!! So a good purchase all round.



  1. Replies
    1. Well Done K!!!
      Well Done D!! Super table and chairs for Sasha, which reminds me I have a Sasha table which I must put on ebay as I never use it(:

    2. They are great, you should sell yours if you don't use it I'm sure that Lucas eats off a tray while watching the film " throw mama from the train " and other delighst :))

  2. Now WHY wasn't I cruising eBay at that time??? (.....answer, because you haven't had the time! to go on eBay of late.) It's absolutely PERFECT!
    Oh, I want, want, WANT one! (Mind you I have only ONE chair (If it's the same size!) but I guess that's a start!)
    Lucky you!

    1. Sometime it's bad cruising eBay and buying things that you do not really need!! but every of often you can come across a gem you just have to recognise it and then go for it!!

  3. This so nice! A great place to meat and chat -and eat :)

    1. *sorry* meet meet... *sigh*
      I know what 'meat' is, but what's 'to meat' - could it be a special term vegetarians using?)

    2. If you are asking about 'meet' and not is to go and see ( meet) someone and I think No meat would be a vegetarian special term :))

  4. What a lovely table, and love the chairs that you already had. Did your husband make the chairs for you, Dee? I would like to have some furniture but I wonder where on earth I would keep it, my sewing/dolly room seems to be so full with fabric and stuff.....I'm already finding it hard to fit in there myself! LOL
    But that was a great find. I am continually looking locally for dolly sized props, but it has proved to be like looking for a needle in a haystack!!!

  5. Thanks Sharon, the chair's I bought off eBay when I was just minding my own business another couple of times. I bought one along with another wooden chair with arms and then the other two another time when I just happened to stumble across them cannot believe how perfect size wise they are with this table!

    I need a doll/sewing room to keep all this stuff in! although I should have my 'studio' next year when the weather warms up, where I can at least store it out the way!!