Thursday 26 December 2013


Every night since the 20th of December Sapphire has hung a lantern outside the front door .

She misses her twin sister Violet who Mum sent away to live with another Sasha mum. Slowly as the weeks have gone by Sapphire's become sadder and sadder .

It does not matter how dark it gets Sapphire stands for an hour before bedtime waiting and hoping that Violet will return .

She felt sure that Violet would return on Christmas day but no she waited but no one arrived. That night she would not eat any supper but took herself to bed , the others feeling sad for her and they all stood and made a wish for Sapphire to once again be happy.

But once again the night is falling and Sapphire's waited for nearly an hour and no one's come, a tear slips down her cheek. Finally she begins to lose hope and with a deep sad sigh she starts to turn back to the door.
Just then she hears a noise " Ouch!"

A voice says " I hate these stones! They hurt your feet when you walk on them !"

 Out of the darkness comes a young Sasha carrying a large bag....

" V..v.. Violet ? is it really you ? " gasps Sapphire her eyes filling with tears.
" Yes Saffy it is me " she grins over the lump in her throat " I am home.. to stay!"

Then clinging to each other not quite believing that they are back together again , They laugh and cry both talking over each other now that finally they are home.

"Mum says She's never going to send one of us away again " says Violet " and she's going to get us a greenhouse so we can help dad with the gardening "
Sapphire is too stunned to speak and just grins at her sister.

Violet steps back and looks at her sister " I nearly did not recognise you in that green outfit, I love your coat but Green! Sapphire !"
" I have not felt like wearing blue since you left " replies Sapphire " I felt so sad that I have just worn any old thing never mind what colour it was !"
Violet hugs Sapphire, then putting her arm round her shoulder she says " Me too! I have worn any old thing. Now we are back together lets go find some happy clothes !"
" Yes " smiles Saffy " Lets " she notices the bag that Violet dropped when she realised Sapphire was waiting "What's in the bag? "
" Our Christmas presents " grins Violet " a bear for each of us ! "
" I don't need a Christmas present now I have you back " says Sapphire
Violet gives her another big hug " I suppose I could give your bear to one of the others !"
" Don't you dare! " cries Sapphire laughing " If you've got a bear then I want one too!"
They smile and turning walk back indoors where bedlam ensues when the others realise whose come back home.........

While two little bears sitting in a red spotty bag on the doorstep hope that one of them will remember to come back before the lantern goes out!!!!


Yes It was me I did It! I sent Violet off to Shelly's to be sold. Well she sat there for a couple of months and I had just decided that I missed having her as a twin to Sapphire when the sale pending sign went up! So too late ...
But she was on layaway and over the next few months I was thinking I missed having twins but too late maybe I would have to have non identical twins at some stage.
Then the person who was buying Violet could not complete the sale, so I thought about her waiting there at Shelly's , spending Christmas in the cupboard and caved in and asked the Lovely Shelly to send her home!
Which she very kindly did, Thank you Shelly.

So the twins are back together and will stay that way because sometimes you just have to go with the flow....

Merry Christmas.



  1. Awwww what a wonderful end to Boxing Day, Dee! A happy ending!!!! I think it's lovely that Sapphire and Violet are back together again....It sounds like it was meant to be! I hope that they'll be happy forever now!
    Seeing all your blog posts, I'm itching to get back taking photos of my kids....I have a new camera too, so I should be practicing!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxxxx PS will email soon!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sharon. Always have lovely twins, really should have known!!
      Look forward to seeing your photo's from the new camera :)
      Big hugs Dee xxx

  2. So glad the twins are back together. It really does sound like it was meant to be. Such a lovely Boxing Day story.

    1. Me to Julie, I never should have parted them :( But fate took a hand and who am I to try to change fate.
      Glad you enjoyed their reunion tale :)

  3. What a lovely happy ending to 2013! Just goes to show that twins shouldn't ever be separated.
    Looking forward to their future gardening posts to help Mr Dad with that huge garden that the Sasha Village has.

    1. True Kendal so true. I'm glad they are back together as I do have a few plans for them and their wish to be Gardeners and would not have been the same with just Sapphire! :)

  4. What a relief for Sapphire to have Violet back home again! they will need welly boots and gloves for gardening so I hope you are seeking these to make up for separating them for a couple of months!

    1. It definiately is a big relief for Sapphire she's not truly been happy since Violet went away.
      I'm sure there will be a long list of gardening goods they'll be wanting and yes two pairs of welly's will be needed and gloves etc....They are already on a promise of a Greenhouse...this could be a very expensive reunion!!!

  5. I WONDERED where the gardening girls had gone! I have almost identical twin boys nd couldn't separate them if I tried. I think they would find each other some how.
    Are they Velvet girls?
    Jenni x

    1. I see you have the same trouble! If they are meant to be together it will happen ! Not I will have to get them two of everything!!
      Yes they are Velvet's which I love .
      Dee xx