Monday, 26 May 2014


Well what a difference from one day to the next! Saturday we had some sunshine and lots of heavy showers, Sunday was beautiful with lovely sun and just white clouds in the sky and today Bank holiday Monday it's grey and wet!.
So Sunday was spent with family and supervising the replacing of several fence panels, so no Sasha time.
and today the world is damp! so I have taken a couple of photo's of my blonde No Navel girls.

It was my intention to only have two of each hair colour, so two blondes, two brunettes and two reds. The last the reds being only a faint hope due to the rarity of the reds.
However the two blondes I had both had blue eyes although in the two different eye styles of the no navel girls.
BUT I always liked the brown eyed blondes and would see them come up for sale and be quickly snapped up before I had a chance but I had two blondes so no matter.

Then Sarah decided to sell a couple of blonde No Navels and there was a beautiful brown eyed blonde! I resisted for at least a day and when no one snapped her up well i knew she was meant to come and join my girls.

So now there are three blondes, Ashley in Yellow my first girl, Agnetha In Blue my second and now Sansa In red !

I have been considering selling Agnetha BUT I do so love her, so it looks like there will be three blonde no navel girls in the clan.

A closer look at their faces. I would have taken a few more photo's but due to how damp and wet it was outside they refused to stand around any longer, so they were back inside before i could argue the point!



  1. They have GOTZ to go! Ditch the Gotz Dee!

    1. I Just GOTZ to have them!! It's getting worse not better!!! It must be an illness but I don't want to take any medicine for it!!! I just LOVE this type of sickness :)))

  2. How about jumping in the car with those three lovely blonde girls and your camera and driving up here for the photos as we have a gloriously hot sunny day up here! Will quickly turn the kettle and oven on and make some scones and there's plenty of new baby Cheshire potoatoes, salad ingredients etc and strawberries and cream to make a light evening meal to eat outside whilst we photograph Sashas and talk gardens!

    1. Oh what a lovely invite ! If only you had asked earlier it may have been possible but it's too late now what with travelling time there and work tomorrow but the thought was nice!
      And the talk of new potato's and salad, scones and cream! Kendal I am now hungry and not a piece of cake in sight!!
      And to talk of my most favourite things Sasha's and Gardens with good friends
      hugs Dee xx

  3. Alternatively, you could hop on an Easyjet flight from Luton to Malaga, we are at the coast so we could sit on our deck and watch the sun setting, drinking a little something with lemons from my own tree....and plan a day taking photos of our Sashas on the beach tomorrow! Dee Owen, the choice is yours, come on down!!!!
    Love those three girls by the way, they're gorgeous!
    Oh and that invite is open to Kendal and Ronny too of course!
    Now back to my book, I'm reading Swallows and Amazons....a blast from the past! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Well I was nearly on the tarmac when I remembered I had to work tomorrow Drat! and even more important my passport's expired and it needs renewing!! double drat!!
      I was looking forward to that drink and then some Sasha beach photography!! So looks like I'm not going anywhere but into work tomorrow!!! triple drat!!!
      So should Kendal and Ronny arrive please send them home as it's called the THREE Amigo's No TWO!!
      Enjoy your book, it's always nice re reading an old favourite ! :)
      Big hugs Dee xx

  4. Your Gotz girls are lovely Dee. Your blue eyed girls do not look anything alike and it is easy to see why you would keep them both, just so pretty :). If we are going to jump on a jet, I would dream of coming to see you all---Kendal, Ronny, Sharon, and you! That would be a dream come true :) xxxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, it's hard to give up a Sasha!! and so easy to keep them !! :)
      It would be lovely to see you should you jump on a jet! We could wander round the garden and sit in the shade until the others arrived for a long slow lunch and Sasha, laughter and Friendship what a day that would be!!
      Gill and myself are hoping to go to the Texas Festival maybe we will meet you there?
      :) xxx

    2. Yes, Dee that will be wonderful and I do plan to go the festival in Texas! How very nice it will be to finally meet you and Gill too. How lovely to have that to look forward to, yeah! :) xxx.

    3. Yes a lovely added reason to visit Texas next year!! :)) xxx