Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Zac and Toby are looking in mum's box, the one she keeps all the newly made hats in! What are they up to!

"How about this one? " asks Zac holding up a girls lilac cloche style hat with a flower button.
Toby looks amazed " That's a girl hat! "he states " That's not going to save the poor boy! Keep looking!"

" This one? " asks Toby holding up a green and white beanie style hat
" No! " says Zac annoyed that Toby had dismissed his choice last time.

Robin and Valentine arrive and ask what they are doing in mum's hat box!

Zac pulls out a letter that arrived that morning, addressed to the boys at Sasha Village.

Robins reads... " Sasha Village Boys Stop Save me  Stop it's pink Stop! Stop her Stop!You're my only hope! Stop! Bertie Stop!"
"Why does he keep saying Stop!?" asks Zac
" It's a telegram " says Robin
" What's a Telegram? " asks Zac
Robin thinks about trying to explain it to a much younger brother but decides it will take too long " Never mind that, it looks like we need to save Bertie our brother in the Valley's !"

"The Valleys? " asks Valentine
" Wales " says Robin
" Oh " replies Valentine " and what wrong with pink? I quite like pink! "
" In a hat!"
" Well if it's the right hat " wonders Valentine
" It's Not !"
" Ok" says Valentine " Let help Bertie!"
Robin and Valentine start searching and discarding hats along with Zac and Toby.

after a while Robin puts a hat on and calls to Valentine " Hey Val ? What about this one ? "
Valentine laughs " Yes just perfect sir!!"
Soon all the boys are putting hats on and posing for each other , laughing and giggling at the faces each are pulling!

The boys keep looking for just the right hat!

" Hey Is green my colour? " ask Valentine
" NO! " shout the others all laughing!!

" I'm feeling the love !!! " says Robin giggling as he shows off a purple mixed hat which he's stuck a flower into " I think I'll show this one to Hattie!! "
" Yes " laughs Val " You could sell her your design!"
" Yes!" laugh the others

Valentine finds a grey beret and likes it very much " I'm going to ask Mum if I can have this one !"

" Looks good on you " confirms Robin " I am sure mum will let you have it "

" Hey I was looking for these boots!" cries Toby pulling out a red boot " That mum put's things in the strangest places!"
The others nod and carry on searching.

" Look that one !" says Zac  " It will be perfect for Bertie !"

" Bertie Stop! We have solved the crisis Stop! Hope your mum Stops Stop! It's on it's way Stop!
all the best Stop! The Village Crew Stop!!



  1. I was somewHAT surprised to see the boys having a cHAT. And thought they were going to HATch a plan when they saw the letter from wHATisname...Bertie...
    Those Village boys are unSTOPpable.... Dee you must be sHATtered :)

    1. tHAT would be right *STOP* Those boys are unSTOPpable *STOP*Glad you STOPped by for a cHAT *STOP* how's the v dubs? *STOP * or are you using the bus STOP!!! :))

  2. My 'Sasha' life wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun without you two in it carrying on like this!

    Certainly bought a smile to my face as I struggle to mine/dig, with the top of a pencil into the deep unsightly gap (left by the recent removal of the now useles left clicking key) to find the tiny silver screw device onto which I have to exert a little pressure in order to move and reset the cursor.
    (Hopefully a new replacement is arriving early next week and life on my laptop can return to normal.)

    1. How kind of you to say Kendal :)
      Thank you for taking the time to struggle with the missing key!! must be so frustrating! but it's much appreciated :)
      You'll need to be careful when the new one's fitted incase you forget and push too hard !!!
      hugs Dee xx

  3. Great fun in the hat bin and what great boys too. Thanks Dee for a happy post once again!!! :)

    1. Thanks Ginger, those boys can be so cheeky ! but they do make me smile ! :)

  4. Hi guys STOP hat received STOP I'm saved from being girly STOP thank you STOP rushing so mam won't see me on the lapstop pooter STOP
    Bertie STOP

    1. Glad it arrived STOP did you hid it from your mum STOP have to go before mum stops us STOP bye STOP..

    2. Not hiding it STOP Grown ups disorganized STOP They will just think we've had it ages STOP Sometimes having parents with poor memories useful STOP I like it here STOP Pretty much do what we like STOP Too many of us to be fully controlled STOP Gregors rule STOP

  5. LOL these hats won't be fit to be seen by the time this lot finish with them! I had to laugh though because boys will be boys!!!
    So what on earth is going on with poor Bertie? It has got to be something with the name because my baby Bertie is nude except for socks and the bigger Bertie is being made to wear PINK?? Poor lad!!! I'm glad to hear that his problem is solved though....thank goodness those crazy Village boys came to the rescue!!!

    1. They are very cheeky playing with those hats! I only heard mumbles of poor Bertie, pink girly hats with brims! No fair for a boy ! Brothers of the country unite!!! ( was worried about that one ! could see them marching on Downing Street with banners!!) but now they are all looking very pleased with themselves and high five-ing all over the place!! :)