Tuesday, 20 May 2014


It was lovely to receive some photo's from Ellen Church yesterday. It is always such a delight to receive her round Robin of news and Sasha's from the US.

These photo's are of her new brunette NP Grace. Ellen's been wanting to add a second NP brunette to her Sasha family and was so happy to see just the girl she'd been waiting for on Shelly's Sasha site.

So she saved Grace from sitting around on Shelly's and she was soon meeting her new family.

And here she is. Look at her beautiful hand painted eyes.

Such gorgeous thick hair in wonderful condition. I love her in this elephant print dress, I do so love elephants and this dress just perfect.

Another sweet photo.

A back view of her wonderful hair.

Here she's chatting to Taylor who is quite smitten

Ellen's two beautiful girl'd together.

Pretty in pink!

Another beauty!

Such a serious pose!

One last look at this lovely girl Grace in the gorgeous blue Elephant dress.

I would like to Thank the very generous Ellen Church for sharing her Sasha's and their photo's with us, please be aware that these photo's are the property of Ellen Church and you require her permission to use them.



  1. These are such beautiful girls, I saw them yesterday too and what a treat for the eyes they all are. Grace of course, is just gorgeous....such hair!!! I love Ellens choice of outfits too, they're so pretty and look just perfect on these lovely kids.
    Thanks so much for sharing the photos Ellen and Dee!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  2. Thank you Dee and Ellen for posting these beautiful photos. Grace is absolutely stunning and it is so very nice to see a long awaited dream fulfilled. Grace is very fortunate to be in a lovely Sasha family :) xx