Thursday, 25 February 2016


Photo's from my computer... I've had a busy week, so thought I'd share a few old photos along with a couple of more recent ones.

Oliver Button nose

At the ballet!

Paige and Edward with Mossy looking on.

A young Hattie

Ginny and Mossy meet

Paige and Edwards first meeting.

Setting off to sea... when they find it!

Four of the best but where's the rest??

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at these photo's from my archives and I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that it will soon be the first of March and so far I have NO doll shelves to share, so please get out that camera and see what your dolls are up to and send in a snap or three ! Everyone loves to see peoples photo's of their dolls and clothes, props etc.



  1. Second attempt! First go failed on pressing the publishing key and yes, I had forgotten once again to save it!
    My favourite photo today is of Paige turning to look at Edward and Mossy on the floor. The second is of Paige with Edward standing at her feet and thirdly, Ginny holding Mossy.
    BTW have you still got Paige in your collection as can't remember seeing her in your recent posts?
    Thanks for the shelf photo reminder. Will head off to 'My Pictures' and chose one.

    1. Yes Paige is still with me and is getting ready to wear the new Village trend that will be unveiled in March ;)
      Glad to know a few photo's may be on there way! :)

  2. It's coming Dee! Where did February go?

    Great photos. So nice to see the youthful Hattie again.

    1. Glad to know that Jenni!
      Hattie looks so young! in that photo :)

  3. I love the photo of Paige, she's so pretty....a gorgeous redhead.
    And the boys in the boat! LOL I hope they found some water eventually!
    And that is a super photo of Ginny, she's so cute! I think she is the nicest No Navel that I've ever seen.

    1. She does take a good photo does our Paige :) Those boys are still looking !! lol
      There is something special about dear Ginny :)xxx

  4. Well Dee, I am behind on my blog comments once again!!! I just emailed you a shelf photo and did manage to post to my blog yesterday and so now I will do my best to catch up with my fellow bloggers!

    I so enjoyed your Random post and seeing various dolls doing various things. I cannot pick a favorite since they are all very wonderful. So lovely and thank you for sharing! :) xxx

    1. Thanks for the photo, it lovely and is ready to go on first thing tomorrow.

      It's nice to revisit photos now and then and share them with everyone :)xx