Friday 5 February 2016


I decided it was about time these two girls got a post on the blog

Because they are the later Gotz girls they don't get show as much as the other girls. Although the blonde Sophie as been here a long time.

Her paler sister , a Carman I believe, not so long and for shame I cannot remember what name I gave her, so will have to look back to her arrival to find out!

She came here in displayed condition , so that meant they she needed to get out of those clothes she'd been stick in for years and into a lovely dress.

These later Gotz dolls tend to suffer from the sticking out fringe syndrome , Sophie's is not so bad but little Miss Plaits needed to wear a hat for a good while to help her settle and it still sits away from her forehead.

The same but different! Now I had best go find out her name, she's refusing to say but she'll come to understand over time that I'm at that age where everyone gets called by the wrong name in this village even the flesh and blood ones.!


  1. If you have trouble finding her name it's because she was originally Gotz Annika (one of my favourites of the pale skinned dolls along with Stella) and NOT Carmen who was blonde.
    (PS.Still having trouble with my laptop. Needing to update my Broswer and software.)

    1. I thought the name Carman sounded wrong! Annika makes much more sense and is probably what I kept for her!
      How annoying for you that you are still having trouble :( hope you get up to speed soon! :)x

  2. What pretty girls Dee, I admit that I do like the later Gotz dolls and have one of my one, Wibke, but I do like the dark haired girl too and have been tempted many times on Shelly's site.
    Love their dresses too!

    1. Thanks Sharon, funnily enough the first later Gotz I wanted was Wibke but then I got Sophie and moved onto the older Gotz dolls. The later ones on Shelly's always make me pause and look.. :)xx

  3. They are pretty girls. I love my later Gotz kids and Annika is one of my favourites. But I fnd them hard to photograph, mine always seem to have either a pale, washed out look to their eyes or to look as though they are staring in a rude way!
    Congratulations on getting such good photos!
    Oh, and my girls say they are happy to wear tight hats when they are resting as it helps to keep their fringes in check - anything to maintain their good looks!

    1. I did have to ignore a couple of the photo's as Sophie looked terrible in them! I wonder if Annika would wear a hat while she's watching the world go by? I'll have to ask her, it's not like we don't have quite a few here with the Hatster Hattie about!