Sunday, 21 February 2016


Well Jamie was not the only one to get a new sweater this week , the girls also received one, but who to wear it first?

Lots of discussion, s few tantrums and a few tears  before Mum took over and made the choice! along with a list of who gets to wear it next!

Why do they always look through the trellis? what are they hoping to see?

Well why they look we get to see the beautiful detail at the back !

Ah It's Mabel Lucy ! who is first to wear the new sweater by the talented Rosie Laird , I think mum chose her because she was not fighting over it but getting upset that everyone was arguing !

A close view of the tiny cable stitches.

 Mabel Lucy's also wearing a pair of the new cords from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha with a pair of grey JJ shoes.

Now she's talking to Boris one of the gargoyles whose protect the house and garden.

How sweet , she holds his finger her hands too small to hold his.

She looks off down the garden but Boris watches and waits.

He knew it! Mabel Lucy always leans against him for a rest! have you ever heard a gargoyle chuckle?
me neither but you do feel the earth shaking deep is the sound.

Boris watches Mabel Lucy while Mable Lucy watches the garden.


Later Mabel Lucy moves on down the garden stopping at the covered benches.

No sun today to cast a shadow but a strong breeze that could take the feet out from under a wobbly strung Sasha, so Mabel Lucy makes her way back to the house to ask Dad when he's going to sort out her strings!!

I must apologise to Rosie for not pulling the sleeves down into place! But when dealing with a wobbly strung Sasha , I tend to forget about those things while getting them to stand and not dive into the gravel or shrubbery ! I could have chosen another of my girls but thought Mable Lucy would look good with her short bobbed hair .
I was so happy to nab this gorgeously detailed and perfectly sized cable sweater made by Rosie definitely a winner and I am sure she'll have a waiting list by now.


NB for Rosie.

Stachys Lanata... Lambs ears/ lugs


  1. How I just adore these bobbed haired early girls and Mabel Lucy is no exception! She's welcome to come and live here any day.....(that is, providing I can raise the necessary cash at the time!)
    I tool saw this beautifully detailed and finely knitted sweater for sale but, unlike you(!!!) I'm still trying to be a 'goodie' and keep my Sasha spending down to a minimum as my 2015 New Year Resolution for a hopefully 'by April 5th debt/loan free status' which is looming VERY close now!
    Loving the delicate colour of this jumper!

    1. Some of these Sasha's do look so good with the bobbed or short hair just like your Miss Nobody who is more than welcome to come live here and get a name!! :)
      One lives but once Kendal and therefore one should enjoy it while one can , this is my motto now I have no dependents :)

    2. Whoa there! Miss Nobody has a name...she is MISS NOBODY :) And Dee, my love, I know you renamed my old ex girl...but Mabel is not spelt MABLE!! Right, I shall go back into my box now...she looks fab in that sweater you know :)

    3. Miss Nobody is NOT a Name of WORTH :) lol I knew there was something wrong but did not twig until you so KINDLY pointed it out :) x

    4. I, with respect, disagree :) It is a name of worth, it is quirky and unique to her...I should know I named her :) and if you remember you kindly sold me her body because she had a dud one !! You know me Dee... I like to keep you on your toes!

    5. I have to agree that people do REMEMBER it! and you do have a way with names :) Icy :) I do remember selling you her new body and Kendal pipping me at the post to buy her from you ! :) and yes you do keep me on my toes.. amongst other things :)

  2. Thank you Dee - don't worry about the sleeves, I often push my sleeves up when I'm doing something!
    I'm so glad Mabel Lucy was chosen for the new jumper, I just love her look.
    I suppose you're starting to make plans for the garden now that spring is on it's way. What is the plant in front of your gargoyle? Does it have hairy leaves? I think it's known here as Lambs Lugs - what do you call it?

    1. We know it as Lamb's Ears from our childhood years! It is so beautifully soft to the touch and you could find it in most gardens in those days.

    2. That's good to know :) She does look like she's pushed them up and I was tempted to do it for her, they seem to lend themselves to that look!
      Mable Lucy was my first thougt for that sweater :)
      We are definitely starting on this years garden changes. Paul's out there now digging beds and planting bulbs!
      Yes that is Lambs ears..lugs... Stachys Lanata the one that flowers as against lambs tongue that does not.

  3. The cabled sweater is just adorable! Does it open at the back?
    My favourite photo is Mabel Lucy casually leaning against Boris - so sweet!

    1. Yes it does open at the back which is great makes it easy for getting it on.
      don't tell but that's my favourite too!:)

  4. Mabel Lucy is absolutely gorgeous and so is her sweater, you were very quick off the mark to nab that one! It's so perfectly knitted by Rosie, I wish I could knit like this.
    I love Mabel Lucy's very sweet wistful face, she is really lovely and her hair is gorgeous cut into that smart bob.
    A great combination of girl and outfit, no wonder there was a fight over who should wear it first.

    1. Thanks Sharon, she is a darling and the sweater is gorgeous. I can knit cable but I am so slow at knitting it that she'd have out grown it before I finished!! ;) xxx

  5. Mable....... she's MABLE!!!!!! That's the name Dee gave her. Really, you can't go changing a little girl's name just when she's learnt to spell it. A parent has the right to choose both the name and the spelling.
    I have ( or had) an ancestor named Mable, which she changed to Maybell later as it looked prettier, but she was never Mabel! It was perhaps a shame that she married Michael Mardell. Try saying Mrs. Maybell and Mr. Michael Mardell very quyickly! I'm researching the history of my oldest doll's house and it was built for a little girl named Lilly, not, not Lily.

    1. No it's not Jenni It is Mabel after Mabel Lucie Attwell but I did do Lucy with a Y I think!
      Are you sure that Mrs Maybell and Mr Michael Mardell are not a tonque twister test?? :)xx