Thursday 7 April 2016


One of Kendal's fabulous photo's to celebrate her birthday. I hope the day is filled with love and fun, and of course Sasha's xx



  1. That is a great outfit, I've always admired it when I've seen it on this girl...who suits it very well :)

  2. Holly is a charming 1960 Gotz orche highlight eyed, chopped red haired little waif who has been with me for MANY years now.
    Many thanks Denise for featuring her here AND on your's and Paul's delightful large Moonpig birthday card.
    I really miss Cindy Patrick's (Pinestreetstudios) early Sasha clothing offerings like this one featured here when she used/combined such fabulous and totally different materials in one outfit.
    Many thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I had a super day...the only drawback being the actual AGE number!

  3. Happy Birthday again Kendal.I do hope you had a special day. No worries about the AGE! It is only a number and, no matter what my body tells me, my dolls tell me I'm still a child!
    The pinestreet things were always such a joy to see - wish I'd bought some back then.