Saturday 23 April 2016


So one needs , a deckchair or two!

I just cannot resist small doll sized items , especially if they have some age to them! Which is why despite already owning a perfectly good old deckchair I found myself buying another!

It arrived in quite a big box and I had no idea what it was! Well until I opened it and then I remembered :)

The fabric is in need of a wash and if it does not come up clean enough I have a very noce piece of fabric I can change it for.

Annie decided she'd come and try it for size.

A good size? Yes , good. So you'd best get off so I can give it a good wash to see if this fabric's staying.



  1. SNAP!... but only in regards to the weather! (Unfortunately we haven't had a large box arriving with a super deck chair inside!)
    It looks positively wonderful and just in time for the Summer.

  2. What a great deck chair, I've never seen them in this size before....I'd love to find one for the beach here :)
    Annie looks great on it too, she'll have a bit of a suntan before you know it.

  3. Annie looks perfect in your new deck chair! I hope the fabric comes clean Dee! :) xxx

  4. Remember Growly Bear, Dee? My bear who wears lederhosen? Well, he is CONVINCED this is his deckchair I keep telling him that there were probably thousands made, but he's having none of it. However, he 'generously' informs me that, now he's old and balding he, like all baldy bears and dolls, should stay out of the sun (and possibly the limelight), so Miss Annie is welcome to keep it!
    My cousin bought one exactly like this for me when I was about 5. They had stayed with us for a year while their new house was being built and he bought it as a leaving present to Growly and me. His old bear Barley Brown is now living with Growly here, so they can spend their balding, twighlight years together.