Friday, 8 April 2016


So the song goes. Well today a Prince arrived in the Sasha Village! He is not a Gregor but he will no doubt make the girls giggle and swoon and the boys stand taller.

He came to reside with the A girl for all Time dolls as they don't have a boy in their numbers but I am sure the Sasha children will be seeing him on the odd occasion.

He is Prince Stephan by Carpatina but as soon as he climbed out his box he said his name was Prince Eric but I could call him M'lord !

He's already been outside to get his bearings and meet the medieval gargoyles who guard the house and garden.

I'm beginning to wonder what I have done!I can already here the sound of girls swooning and giggling.....



  1. This handsome young man will indeed be sure to cause a bit of a stir in the Village, amongst the girls AND the boys! I hope you're prepard for this Dee and don't regret inviting Royalty to come and live there with you.....I'm sure he'll be pretty demanding in his wants and needs. Although having said that, I'm sure the girls will be only to pleased to do his 'bidding' :)

  2. He is handsome and I have considered him as I have his cousins, Julia and Kohanna, but have far....Oh hes, Dee, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? Julia is now leaving little notes around the house about Prince Eric, or one of his brothers coming to stay.
    As to the having royalty to stay, Sharon, have you missed reading about that naughtly little Princess Elfine? If the children and bears at The Village can manage to live with her shinanigins, I'm sure Prince Eric will present no significant problems!

    1. Oh yes, I did indeed forget about Princess Elfine, but then she isn't quite human so maybe I would be forgiven for forgetting her.....though I'm not sure SHE would forgive me, she's more likely to put one of her horrid spells on me like she did only poor Hattie that time!
      No, I'm sure you're right, Prince Eric looks like he might break a few hearts but hopefully he'll not almost stop some and put anyone in a coma! ;)

  3. Yet another slippery diversion from the Sasha road then?
    (Luckily I'm still not tempted to stray from the straight and narrow Sasha highway!)

  4. What a handsome Prince you have there Dee. I can only imagine the girls giggling and flirting with him. I particularly like his outfit, well done! :) xxx