Friday 1 April 2016


The year is rushing past! April first already but that means lots of lovely photos for us to enjoy.
many thanks to everyone who send a photo or two in of what their dolls are up to.

This first photo was not the first I received but I felt it deserved pride of place. I love Jane Austen and well no words are needed.

Karin in Switzerland's girl Darcy, a lover of Jane Austen just like her mum.... and me

Ellen Church's babies are happy bunnies

A lovely Easter and spring shelf from Ellen C.

Loving that duck checking out the basket of eggs, in Ellen's photo.

It's all happening on Ursula's shelves! A good gathering going on.

A closer view

Lots of pets watching all the goings on

Lots of conversation , could they be talking about how many Easter eggs they got?

Ellen C's baby is after the rose in the bowl!

From Kendal's shelf this month, her gorgeous ochre eyed girl with rocking horse

a closer view.

Aiko and Minou are sitting on Jenni's April shelf.

The shelve's in the Sasha Village.

Reuben and Ruby have snagging the chairs on this shelf!

A wonky photo of the bears on the bench and under it!

Calico sneaking in for another photo with some of the boys.

Gingers April shelf, wonder what the three on the right are looking at??

Theresa's boys are playing table football.

Thanks to everyone for sending in their Pictures, still time for more.
wishing everyone with  birthday this month a great day.


  1. Great photos! I hope the bears under the bench are not hiding from the invading bunnies?
    My kids got all excited when they saw that a brother of their cocker spaniel lives with Kendal's brood. So Schnuffi sends his greetings!

  2. A lovely bunch of photos so far for this month of April. I agree, where does the time go? Can you believe we're already past one quarter of this year.....??
    All the dolls are so well dressed and looking quite spring like. I will have to take some photos of mine and send them to you, or put them on my blog because I know I'll be too late, as I usually am LOL!
    I echo your sentiments to those with birthday's this month, I hope they have lovely spring-like weather to enjoy them with too :)

  3. The Brood's Cocker Spaniel says 'Thanks and Hi to Schnuffi!'
    Just dawned on me that people here are changing their Sasha shelves to suit and depict the actual month whereas I'm just sending in my shelf photos as they usually are for most of the year. Will have to give this a little more thought for the future.
    Many thanks to everyone for sharing these delightful and interesting photos.
    If I had to pick a favourite for April then it is Karin and her girl Darcy with the Jane Austin book display... closely followed with Ellen's baby trying to retrieve the rose from out of the glass bowl.
    Wishing all the April birthday people a very happy day.

  4. Wonderful April shelf photos! I love them all and think it is such a great idea to post lovely doll photos each month. :) xxx