Tuesday 12 April 2016


A couple of days back a friend asked me for some measurements for a Studio or Course doll.

Well I do not have a Studio doll but I do have a course doll , the lovely Brigitte. Today Brigitte received a beautifully made dress as a thank you for being good and letting me measure her and send the details on.

Brigitte is over the moon as she only as one dress and that's her original, which is looking a little faded due to it's age.

She tell's me she never going to take it off, ever!!

What are you doing now? Oh you are trying to show Wendy what the length looks like.

By sitting on the arm of the sofa and leaning back ! Why not just stand up?
Oh you have not got one of those thingy's .. do you mean doll stands?
Oh not a doll stand ! a .. pardon... a vertical assistance holder... I see...

Yes that is a lovely detail .

 Sorry why am I taking a photo of your back and holding your hair out the way?  Oh so Wendy can see the fit..

Well I think it's a wonderful dress and you should....

what are you doing now?? Oh it's so Wendy can see the length... I'm to what?

Oh turn the camera.. photo ... okay!

That's good we're all finished... pardon... you have a request... you'd like a new pair of pink shoes to go with your new dress...... well I suppose I could have a go at making some.... pardon  and  a

little pink cardigan to finish it off!  You don't want much do you? What do you mean no..... (sigh )
looks like Wendy released a Diva with her lovely gift !!!

Many Thanks to the lovely Wendy for this wonderful dress, both Brigitte and I love it. Now I'm off to add a pair of pink shoes and a cardigan to my never ending lists of things to do.....oh and a hairband.... sorry got to run before her list gets longer... bye.....



  1. What a lovely way to say thank you to a doll for just being measured! I'm guessing that there would have been quite a few more dolls 'ready willing and able' to stand and be measured if only they had known!
    Loved the thinking here as to how to show the length of this dress without the aide of a doll stand/support. Excellent thinking Brigitte 'outside the box' so to speak thus proving that she's not just a pretty face.

    1. It is Kendal, all my girls are now offering their services for anyone who'd like measurements for Sasha clothing or shoes !
      She's quite a clever thing on the quiet, she did say that I should have moved the sofa to the wall so it would have looked like she was standing on the floor!

  2. What a super dress, Brigitte does look lovely in it. The white fabric, is it batiste? looks so good on her. She is a little bit demanding but to be fair, if all she's got is the one original address up until now, you can't really blame her for asking for some 'accessories' whilst she's got your attention, can you!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon. Sorry not sure what fabric it is, it's got little raised spots? and a fine weave?
      I cannot blame her for getting her requests in while she's getting some attention as she's been left in the dress she arrived in, so it's about time she got some spoiling! :) xx

  3. Gorgeous girl and she really suits that dress- so pretty!

    1. Thanks Tricia, she's feeling very happy ;)

  4. The fabric for Brigitte's dress is a pure Cotton Swiss dot lawn, - quite hard to find. I do have some left over and will sew Dee's very pretty, little 'new Diva' a headband when the beach and sunshine doesn't beckon as it did today !! perfect. I hope to sew some dresses for Studio and Course dolls and thank Dee sincerely for taking the time to send me measurements. love to everyone Wendy (Christchurch)

    1. Thanks for the details Wendy and the gorgeous dress for Brigitte.How lovely to live close to the beach so you can just go walk along it! I'm very green with jealously :) Cannot wait to see what other gorgeous studio and course doll outfits come from your sewing studio :) xx

  5. A very beautiful custom-made dress and Brigitte looks so beautiful. What a perfect fit and such a thoughtful gift too. :) xxx

    1. Brigitte's been very spoilt for just having to stand still for a few measurements. I keep coming across Sashas standing still with a tape measure , a notepad and pen at their feet! I'm just walking past and hearing big sighs and standing of feet etc, I'm pleased to say there was only one today !
      Wendy was very generous to give Brigitte he first off the sewing machine :)xx