Friday 29 April 2016


This coming weeks theme for the FB group is Pretty in pink.
Two of the girl's are already wearing so they are first up to show off their outfits.

The days been bright, cold first thing , windy but great for getting outside for a couple of garden photo's.Here's Jenny checking out these small tulips we bought on offer in the local garden centre for just 50p.

Jenny is wearing a beautiful smocked dress by Karen Warnaka and Jensen shoes.

Also in pink was Sophie Elizabeth again wearing a KW smocked dress and a wonderful cardigan by?Also in JJ shoes.

Sophie looks lovely and warm for when that winds blowing in her pretty deep pink cardigan.


A reminder that the photo's of your wonderful doll shelves need to arrive in time to be included on the 1st May, so get those camera's out and sneak up and see what your dolls are getting up to!! Then send them in, we all love seeing all those Sasha's and others out there.



  1. It's looking like you are getting double value then with these 'in the pink' photos being listed here AND on Facebook!
    Love the 50p tulips! Yet more excellent value for YOU!

  2. I'm not sure whathappened to my post here - is that little imp lucasdeleting my thoughts and opinions??
    Hello girls, you dolookpretty in pink! I'm having difficulty finding pink in our Sasha wardrobe for the FB group, it seems to have been an overlooked colour here but you have inspired me to (I'm whispering here) spend more money on some pink bits for my girls. Only, please don't tell them... I have no desire to be killed in the crush of vinyl ladies demanding to be THE one to get new clothes.

  3. Lovely pink outfits on your pretty girls. Jenny is so very pretty. <3.

    --will send shelf photo today, sorry to be late.