Tuesday, 26 April 2016


At Ursula's house when a parcel arrives!

What can it be!

Not wanting to wait for Mum to come back the girls build some steps so they can reach the new cords! Honey climbs up and gets them.

But whose to get first chance to wear them? They loved how well made they were with working pockets and lovely detail.

The girls decide that they will draw lots to see.

They line up and take turns to take a paper from the heart shaped box,

 Looks like we have a winner !Emerald holds up the winning ticket stunned at her luck !

Emmie is so happy to be first to wear the lovely sage green cords., she cheers while others try to hide their disappointment.

So after a very quick change , she's back in the new sage green cords with her matching t shirt, Perfect.

Many thanks to Ursula for the photo's showing the cords she won in the T shirt comp and the story line she sent along with them, which I have add here.
I would like to thank Ginny who very kindly sent them to the winners and covered the postage costs.



  1. Congratulations to Emmie and to Ursula. So sorry the other girls didn't get a pair of cords too, but there is always another day!

  2. Beautiful corduroy pants and the green color is wonderful. How very nice of Ginny to mail them to Ursula. Congratulation to Emmie being the lucky chosen one this time. Great story line! :) xxx

  3. What beautifully behaved girls I see here. All so politely lined up and then each girl taking her turn to draw a lot for the chance to get to wear those super sage green Passion 4 Sasha prize cords first. Congratulations Emmie and how lovely you look in them with that attractive co-ordinated T shirt.

    1. The girls noticed the camera and decided to behave. To be in this blog is almost as being on TV - it can be glorious or embarrassing. So, they are very clever girls in the first place, not to let themselves get caught catfighting!
      Emme says that her hair looks less untidy in real life.

  4. Woooohoooo we have a winner! Emerald is a lucky girl because having received a parcel myself from Ginny this very week, I know what lovely things she sends out :)
    And doesn't she look good in them with her new teeshirt too!
    Well done Emerald and Ursula too! And thanks to you too Dee for running the competition in the first place :)

  5. This is a lovely story and a good idea with the draw. Emmie is the lucky devil. I love Ginnys Cloths too.