Sunday, 10 April 2016


After lots of delays, by me!, finally here are the T shirts that have been design, customised by some  of people following this blog.

Number one  by Ursula

Number two by Julie

Only two people took up the challenge, so I feel that they should both win a pair of cords from Ginny.
Even I did not get my act together in time to show any customised T shirts.

 Despite having everything to hand !

The closest I  came was setting up these photo's today!

So I am going to challenge myself to complete five of the ten t shirts I have to do by next Sunday and then show them here, so you can see if I get it done! Then the remaining five by the Sunday after.

So Many thanks to Ursula and Julie who sent their photo's in ages ago and have been waiting to see theirs and any others that had been sent.

Ursula and Julie please look at A Passion for Sasha site on and let me know what colour cords you would like.



  1. Well done ladies, both great designs.
    I had good intentions too Dee, in fact I did decorate a tee shirt but it wasn't white, it was turquoise so I couldn't join in. I also did decorate the front of a white one...but did get to sew it into a tee shirt. So these really really don't count. I guess we don't get any 'points' for thinking about it, do we!
    And at least you have an excuse that you go out to work!! But I do look forward to seeing what you do with your tee shirts.

  2. Congratulations, ladies!
    I only got half way through the first of the two I am making - needles, tiny beads and hugging new babies don't go together well! Will still send a piccie or two to show you when I've done them both, Dee. xx

  3. Congratulations to Ursula and Julie on the two very attractive customised T shirts above.
    I agree with Denise that you both deserve a prize for these entries.
    I was really looking forward to seeing many more here especially as I was unable to enter the competition myself.

  4. Happy congrats to Ursula and Julie on their t-shirts! Sorry your t-shirts did not come together yet Dee but at least you have the supplies. I did not give it a try.....maybe next time??? :) xxx