Friday 23 December 2016


It was the night before Christmas,
When all through the house,
No one was sleeping,
Well maybe a mouse
The children were running and shouting with glee
That Santa was coming to them you see
He was bringing a sack, enormously round
And would arrive by the chimney with ne’er a sound!
Mum from the kitchen, arms dusted in flour
Called to the children and shouted the hour
Get to your beds and don't dilly dally
If Santa sees children he won't stop to tarry
He'll jump on his sleigh and call out "come deer
These are bad children we'll not stop here!"
On hearing Mum's words the children did stop
And consider her words and decided to flop
Into their beds, they fell one by one 
Covers pulled up one sucks a thumb
They looked to the end of their beds 
There they see empty stockings 
One two and three
Giggling silly they vow to stay awake
And catch Santa coming out of the grate
But slowly night deepens and eyes start to flutter
And soon little snuffles are all that they utter
And that's when the jingles and jangles of bells
Sweep through the night in a magical spell
No one is watching as down with a swoosh
Santa appear, shaking his tush
He walks to the beds and smiles at each one
Look’s on his list , sent by their mum
Jimmy wants lego, Albie a sword
Both want some sweets and a tape to record
Sweet Mary the baby, sucking her thumb
Smiles in her sleep, the sheets round her bum
Santa with gentle tears in his eyes
Covers her up his heart filled with pride
Their innocent slumber is all that he seeks
The joy in their hearts and their rosy red cheeks
Turning he fills the stockings to the brim,
Then picks up his sack and straightens his chin
Then with a rumble, he's gone in a flash
And the reindeer are off again in a dash
And up in the sky filled with bright stars, a man dressed in red
Is eating a mars!

By Dee Owen


  1. Awwww......that was lovely. Merry Christmas!

  2. Brilliant!
    Love and wishes that everyone at The Village has a stocking stuffed with wonderful things,
    Jenni xx

    1. Thank you Jenni, I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas filled with joy. xxxx

  3. What a relief you haven't mentioned me as the Ice Queen :)
    Have a fab time!! Christmas wishes to everyone!!

    1. I'm saving that one for the new year.. ;)
      Merry Christmas , go careful on the chocolates... xxx

    2. Oh No!!!
      Already pigged out on chocolates eyeing up the biscuits next :)

    3. that's the problem with this time of year ! Too much temptation! :)

  4. I know I'm very late, I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading, but this was lovely! Thanks for sharing Dee!