Friday 2 December 2016


Well it's the first of December and the village shop is getting busy!

The children from the village are coming in to start getting things for Christmas.

Belle and Magda are discussing what they need to get first, Belle says Christmas cards but Magda says theres loads of time for cards and wants to get some sweet!.

James is over with Bruno talking about what Granny plans on getting in to sell as James is after a very special present for someone.

Meanwhile Callie's at the counter chatting to Granny.

finally Belle and Magda settle on buying some cards and some sweets! Belle says " excuse me can I just get to the cards ? "

"Of course " says James " I'll check back later with Granny " he tells Bruno.

James goes to look at the new items on the shelves while Callie is still chatting to Granny about old Mrs Proctor the vicars wife and her bad leg.

James loves the toy soldiers that Granny's selling, maybe he'll ask for one in his letter to Santa.

Now Belle's agreed to buy some sweets as well as some cards Magda cannot decide what sweets she wants to get!

Finally Granny and Callie have stopped discussing everyone in the villages ailments and Callie is giving Granny Mum's shopping list for the weekend.

Bruno, whose just come in from putting some things away in the shed.. I mean storeroom... looks on in wonder at just how much his Granny can talk! Why he hardly says anything! If there was a gold medal for gossip he's sure his Gran would have a dozen!



  1. Such a pity that life in the village shop has now almost disappeared. Supermarket shopping is so impersonal... unless you are lucky to meet a friend or neighbour.

    1. There are still some around Kendal and yes supermarket shopping can be impersonal.

  2. You want to come to Spain Kendal, the village shops are very much alive and well, in fact our towns are packed with small shops selling everything you could possible think of! I don't need to leave the town at all as everything is right to hand. However, like most people I do like to browse around big superstores sometimes too :)
    I love the shop Dee, it's getting so busy now that we are in the festive season. I like all the goods you have on display. I suspect that they're going to get even busier in the days leading up to Christmas :)

    1. That's great that they still have so many in Spain, we still have a few here but it hard for them to compete against the big boys!
      Thanks Sharon, i'm still hunting out the things I have stashed away! :) xx

  3. Wow, Granny and Bruno are busy now that December has arrived and everyone has woken up to the fact that Christmas is only just around the corner. Lots of surprises being planned by the looks of it. I hope they all find what they are seeking.

    1. Yes it's always a surprise just how quick December goes, so lots of shopping happening here in the village!

  4. Gosh that village shop is is lovely to see how busy it is. If everyone buys something then Granny will have no worries about the bills this month I can see.

    And perhaps Granny will show Bruno her gold medals later tonight! LOL!

    1. Yes It's still the hub of the village thank goodness for Granny.
      Hopefully it's going to be a very prosperous December for Granny's shop and help her pay all her bills.
      I don't know about the medal's but I bet she's got some certificates!! lol