Thursday 1 December 2016


Well It's the 1st of December ! and time for your wonderful doll shelf photos. I would like to thank everyone who as contributed over this year to the photos or those who stopped by to see them. At the moment I am having internet issues so if some pictures are missing that you sent me,bare with me and they'll be added as soon as I can get access to the Internet via the computer.

It is always lovely to see what Sasha and her friends are up to or wearing around the world.

So here are Decembers photos, enjoy I know I will :)

1st up is this little baby playing with his toys from Ellen Church.

These girls of Ellen's are wearing mix of my favourite colours while taking their dogs for a walk.

Not to be left out two of Ellen's boys are looking very dapper in their shorts and sweaters

I think this must be the meeting for the squirrel group at Ellen's house.

Pretty in pink on this doll shelf of Ellen's

These two look like they are enjoying each others company

as are these two having a good chat. Thank you Ellen for sharing  your photo's this year on the doll shelves.

Ursula's Sasha family are now dressed in lovely warm clothes.

The boys are loving these cardigans made with love by Mum Ursula, even the little dog is impressed!

Ursula's Sasha family is growing ! and enjoying being together .

The children are in the kitchen baking , getting ready for Christmas that will soon be here!. I spy a little dog hiding under the table hoping for some crumbs to drop!

On the Village shelves these children are listening to music .

And these girls need to change out of their brownie uniforms and get ready for Christmas!

These children and all warmly dressed ready for all the cold weather.

The little dolls are getting excited because they know it's nearly Christmas!

This lovely advent scene come from Karin in Switzerland.

Lighting the lamps at Karin's

  thanks to everyone for taking part and sharing your dolls with us all.

Still time to have your photos added, so please send them in.



  1. How lovely everyone looks. I rather feeling like I should be hanging my head in shame or hiding in a corner as my Brood hasn't really been touched (apart from brief dustings with a feather duster every now and then!) or had their clothing changed since arriving home from the SCW display in May! What a bad Sasha mother I am.
    (Hopefully seeing all these wonderful photos above will encourage me when I have finished writing my Christmas cards.)

    Pleased to also see that the first Sunday in Advent is being celebrated by some of the Sasha Dolls.

    Wishing all those who have a birthday this month a very happy day and sincerely hope that it doesn't get incorporated and lost in the Christmas activities and celebrations!

    I remember my daughter having a miniature wooden village like that seen in Ellen's first photo. They were made by Abbatts, an UK company.

    1. Usual lack of proof reading! Should have read...'Rather feeling like I should...'

  2. I DO have a photo, Dee - aChristmas miracle, I know - but it won't load onto my Yahoo email. Will try the dreaded Outlook, which I have no idea how to use.

    Loving the pics above, how DO people get the kids into co-ordinating clothing? Mine seem to run around shouting that they can only find their red coats and purble tights and can they wear those please, when they know I want them to be a vision in blue. Hopeless at organisation just like their parent...Me? ......Oh no they take after Daddy B!

  3. PS ( a big request here) could you manage a Christmas week on the shelf Photos of the dolls taken on Christmas Day would be a lovely end to the year between then and New Year's Eve.

  4. Thank you so much everyone for these photo.......and for all the photos posted throughout the year. I have so enjoyed looking at them and I am so inspired by your love of Sasha dolls.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  5. What a lovely lot of photos to welcome in the final month of the year! I think everyone is looking perfectly styled for the winter and the festive season too. I am in love with Ellen's two boys in their shorts and knitted socks. I think I might have to do some sewing. ;)