Friday 9 December 2016


Late afternoon and Granny's been unpacking the delivery.

"He's cute " says Bruno smiling at the monkey that Granny's placed on the counter.
" Yes he is quite sweet " smiles Granny " his name is Minky "

"Minky! " laughs Bruno "Minky the monkey!"

" Don't laugh Bruno you will hurt his feelings" scolds Granny

"Well it is a little bit of a funny name " smiles Bruno " If he was my monkey I'd not call him Minky!"

"If he was your monkey you'd probably call him spud! " smiles Granny " He is a cutie "
"He is " agrees Bruno " I'm going into the shed.. I mean storeroom if I'm not back by tea time send a search party!"
" Funny Boy.... not" Granny says as Bruno leaves.

"Well Minky " Granny looks at the little monkey " It seems our Bruno likes you " she stares at the little monkey who pretends not to notice.

As Granny muses about what to do about Bruno liking the monkey , the shop door opens and swings closed.

" Lo Granny " says Lucas passing by the counter
" Hello Lucas " mutters Granny still thinking on the little Monkey Minky

Lucas heads straight for the pic n mix sweets, he's allowed 50pence worth on a Friday if he's been good. Today's Friday and he's been well sort of good...

" No Dogs allowed!" says Granny sternly.

Lucas turns and looks at Granny "What dog? " he asks
"That one !" says Granny nodding towards Socks

" But Granny that's Socks! He's my best friend , not a dog" explains Lucas while Socks pretends to be invisible  !

" Well I am sorry but your best friends not allowed in the shop for health and safety reasons" explains Granny " So out! Socks there's a good dog .. I mean friend!"

" But Granny he's got to help me pic my sweets!"
"I'm sorry Lucas but he's wearing a fur coat and so as to leave now!"

"But Granny he can't take his coat off! It stuck!"
"Sorry Lucas , he's got to wait outside, there's a nice bowl of water out there for him to have a drink"

"But Grann....y " Lucas words trail off as he sees something standing over on the side.

He rushes over and lifts the snowman into his arms hugging him tightly " Olaf !"

Granny watches in amazement as Lucas starts to carry the snowman around the shop " Olaf I love you so much!" says Lucas " I have lots of other snowman you can come and meet them "

Looking over at Granny Lucas says " Put Olaf on account Please !"

Just for a moment Granny does not understand then she hurries round the counter to Lucas

" I'm sorry Lucas but Olaf cannot go on Mum's account ,only your 50p sweets can go on there "
Gently Granny takes Olaf off Lucas and puts him on the counter.

Lucas looks worried " But Granny I need him!"
Granny smiles "Well maybe you'd best ask Santa to bring him for you? "

Lucas looks relieved but it does not last " Then can put him on Santa's account!"
Sorry Santa does not have an account"
"Why not!" says Lucas getting annoyed "It's nearly Christmas !"
"Well Santa and his elves make all the toys and bring them on Christmas eve "
"But I want THIS Olaf ! " says Lucas stubbornly

Suddenly he looks over into the shop " NO SOCKS STOP!"
Granny whips round to see what Socks as done!

Grabbing Olaf Lucas, closely followed by a bewildered Socks rushes for the door

" On Mum account " yells Lucas stubbornly as he dashes out the door as Granny looks back

"Lucas ! You young devil, come back here " she heads for the door surprisingly quick for a woman for her age.

It's not long before she returns and puts Olaf down on the counter, just a little out of breath. She can just hear Lucas telling her that Santa won't be coming to her this Christmas ! before he stomps off home muttering!

Looking at the odd looking snowman she decides she'd best keep him to one side, she's sure she'll be getting a phone call about him later.

Putting him away safely, so he won't get sold before she's spoken to Mrs Mum, she finally gets her breath back. " Goodness I'm too old to be chasing young rascals like that Lucas down the street! "

Back at the counter she takes Minky the monkey off the shelf " I suppose It'd best put you somewhere safe , I don't want to be chasing you down the street , I don't think my heart can take another chase! " she smiles at Minky ,who seems to smile back.



  1. Lucas being good did not last long!

    1. He is still very young and he did want it put on mum's account, 😉

  2. Poor Granny; she can be a bit of a grump at times, but but it's not too difficult to see why. It's not easy being a small merchant. I hope someone remembers her this Christmas.

    1. A shopkeepers life is very tiring ,especially if you are getting on in years 😊 I also hope she's remembered at Christmas too?

  3. Blimey! My heart is racing just thinking of Granny racing down the street after that young rascal.....what a naughty boy!

    I am smiling for 'Minky' the Monkey though!

    1. Granny is diffinatly game to chase the time! I'd have just phoned his mum and had her return it.😀
      Minky the monkey was a surprise find when I was clearing out a cupboard! I really need to keep track of what I buy!

  4. That's my (EX) Boy Lucas!! I love it when you are naughty :) I was worried you were behaving yourself now you live with Dee!
    Note to Dee...give Lucas Olaf!!!

    1. It's a long road but we will get him there! Sometimes he slips back to his icy days but these are now few and far between! 😀
      I think Grsnny's already set Olaf aside ready for Mum to collect for Lucas😏

  5. Trust SS to be encouraging her ex-toddler to be naughty again... she obviously hasn't got the message that that Santa has a 'naughty'
    if she wants Lukey to have that Olaf for Christmas... she had better change her tune!
    (Reminds me of when we were kids to now and then be allowed to avail ourselves of father's village shop tab for sweets.)

    1. You can just see simples with a friend when she was at school,encouraging them to go and do something wrong ,then sitting back and watching them get in trouble!
      Lucas is going to have to be very very good until Christmas if he wants that snowman!😊

    2. Yep! That was me ! :)
      Let Lucas have Olaf now Dee...Christmas day is a long time for him to wait :)

    3. It will be good training for him to wait! :)

  6. A good life lesson for Lucas...good things come to those who wait. Not to mention that Granny did not have him arrested for theft! Maybe he should be encouraged to thank Granny for helping him! Lucas you are a naughty boy and not nice wishing Santa does not visit Granny. :(

    1. Definately a lesson he needs to,learn! I think he needs to have put it on the account works and how Granny saved him from an early night and no sweets fir a month!
      Yes poor Granny , she'll be needing a nice present from Santa by the time Christmas gets here!

  7. Oh, Mrs. Mum! And you aparent of long-standing too! Did you not learn years ago that you NEVER disclose to the kids (or the husband) that you have an account at ashop.... Dangerous ground, my friend, dangerous ground!

    But it was great to see that Lucas is still around, healthy and up to his funny tricks. I do miss him when he goes quiet and you should be looking over your shoulder if he's quit too as he might well mortgage The Sasha Village without you noticing, the little rascal.

    1. Well up until Lucas alls been well and the children have only used the account for what's been agreed, trust that imp to buck the trend!
      Lucas is always around in the back ground up,to,one thing or another! 😀

  8. Ooooh I do so hope that little Bruno might find Minky in his stocking on Christmas day!!! As for Lucas, well getting nearer and nearer to Christmas is always hard for overactive little boys, they forget that they can't have everything, and he does collect snowmen after all! It's only natural that he'd want to add Olaf to his colletion. But at least he saved his teeth because he forgot to get his sweets!!

    1. I hope so too! I believe Granny's saving it for him! Well I hope she is!
      It is a long time to wait and Lucas does collect snowmen! He'll be saving his teeth for a couple of weeks,having been banned from having any after trying to put Olaf on a account! Xx