Saturday 3 December 2016


"Goodness !" says Granny " I cannot remember the last time we were so busy!"
"Half term" says Bruno
" Yes but not as busy as today!"

"I'm going up to order some more Christmas cards and start the dinner " says Granny " you can put the last of this delivery out please Bruno "
and having spoken Granny goes off upstairs.

Left alone Bruno starts moving and opening the last of the boxes, when he gets to the back shelf he's surprised to find a wonderful pair of boots in a special display case !

"Wow " says Bruno softly

He's tempted to try them on! But after thinking on it a while, he decides that Granny may be upset if he does.

 But no matter where he goes in the shop he keeps looking back at the boots!

He puts a couple of new items on the shelf by the boots and starts to wonder again about maybe just seeing how big they'd be ...

He put the little elephant he's holding into one of the large china cups " Excuse me ! should I be IN the cup? " asks the elephant but Bruno's too fixed on the boots to hear!

They look like boots for a boy much older than our Bruno...

Just as he starts to pull the display case of boots from the shelf Granny appears at his side " What are you doing with those boots? I think they should stay in that nice high place so people can see them "

"I thought that maybe " Bruno pauses then decides to go for it " that they may fit me and then I could have them "  he ends in a rush

 " I am sorry Bruno " says Granny patting his shoulder in sympathy " they are far too expensive for me to buy for you, even for Christmas " and to help him feel better she finishes " plus they are much too big ! Now run upstairs I have left you a nice big bowl of Pasta Fortuna , go eat before it gets cold"

Sadly Bruno pushes the boots back on the shelf and turns away, his shoulders slumped
would it have been the end of the world for him to have a lovely pair of boots! instead of spending all his days in socks!

He pads softly, in his socks, across the shop floor towards the stairs, feeling more down with every step.

" And you can be quiet !" he says angrily to the dragon puppet
The puppet looks stunned and says to the woodsman " What ? I never said a word!" as Bruno stomps off quietly.. it's hard to stomp in socks !



  1. Awww poor Bruno - he looks so crest fallen when Granny says he can't have the boots.
    I'm hoping for some Christmas magic! Any fairy godmothers there???

    1. Yes poor Bruno still having to walk around in his socks! Not sure if we have any fairy godmother's around ,we do have an elf princess! Wonder if that would work?

    2. You do have an ICE QUEEN though :)

    3. Yes, we do indeed...but she is obviously still deep in hibernation as there are still NO NEW Absolutely-Sasha blogposts to be viewed.

    4. By all this cold frosty epweather I'd say she was out and about! 😉 And the Ice Queen would probably just take hi socks!,

  2. Oh bless! He really does look so crushed *sob*
    I want to know if there are any fairy godmothers near this shop with time on their hands too!!!

    1. He does poor lad! Who,knows what can happen at Christmas time ?

  3. Your little Bruno is so obviously THE star of this show! Just adore this little fellow!
    My Sasha Brood are now writing a letter to Father Christmas.

    1. It would appear so! I never know how these things are going to,pan out until,they start to unfold! I just hope it all works out I the end!!!

  4. Oh that is so sad because those are incredibly gread boots! I do feel for poor Bruno, even if the socks he's stomping about in appear to have been made by me LOL! I hope that some Christmas Magic comes into his life and he gets to at least try the boots for size, I mean, they might not even fit him so that would solve the problem anyway, wouldn't it?
    Poor Bruno.....

    1. They are indeed great boots but Alas too big and narrow for Bruno.
      Yes he is wear quality Sharon socks ,so his feet are toasty ....for now 😊
      I too am hoping Bruno will get some Christmas magic ! Xx