Tuesday 13 December 2016


Bruno's busy bringing in more stock for the shop.

 He carries the tins into the shop area  and suddenly he  hears Granny shout " STOP "

 But It's too late ! Bruno trips over and falls ! and the tins go clanging onto the floor

" Bruno !" says Granny's voice from above " Why didn't you stop!"

Slightly winded it take a moment for Bruno to reply ! " Because you didn't say Bruno stop! I thought you were chasing Lucas again !"
Granny helps him up tutting about if the tins are ok and not all dented! "What about my dents? " says Bruno
Granny laughs " You are a boy you are meant to have a dent or two!" she winks which makes Bruno laugh too!

After sorting out the tins Granny and Bruno inspect what Bruno tripped over.
"Why have we got a giant ostrich in the shop? " Bruno finally asks
Granny looks embarrassed " It's supposed to be a baby ! I think they may have sent the wrong one! "

"How big did it say it was ? " questions Bruno checking the ostrich over.
"Well it said it was 5 inches! and it is never five INCHES!" says Granny

Bruno goes to get a tape measure and sets about measuring the ostrich , Granny watches him work , Bruno mutters to himself as he adds the height of the sitting ostrich to the length of it's legs.

"Well She's 50 cm " once he's finished " where did  you get 5 inches from? "
Granny looks flustered " From the catalogue It clearly says 5 in "  She gets the book and shows Bruno " No that says 50 cm not 5 in !"
"Same thing" says Granny huffily
"It's not " giggles Bruno " as you can see by your friend sitting taking up all the floor space !"
"It's not funny Bruno!" Granny says irritated " I cannot send her back it was a no returns sale! Where am I going to put her! and who will buy such an enormous toy!"

 "Lets try her over here!" says Bruno
Granny and Bruno pull and push the ostrich over to the corner between the cards and the pic n mix

 " This is no good" Granny grumbles "No one can get to the cards with her legs all over the floor!"
Bruno stands and thinks " Well there's only one thing for it!"

After a lot more huffing and puffing , tugging and shoving , finally the ostrich is out the way.. well almost!
"Can we not get her legs up there to? " Granny asks taking deep breaths
"No they will just have to stay there " Bruno says " and at least people will look up once they see those legs dangling! and then maybe someone will buy her!"

Granny's not so sure but at least she is out the way for now!
" Now Granny " says Bruno sternly making Granny look at him " Do not buy anything else without showing the size to me first! You know you don't understand Metric sizes "
Granny nods

Bruno heads back to finish his unpacking, while Granny heads towards the counter muttering about " There was nothing wrong with feet and inches and why did they have to change it! It was just to confuse old ladies and make sales!"

There's just enough time to make a phone call before granny needs to go start the dinner.

Granny waits for a few minutes until Bruno's safely back in the shed.. storeroom... and then looks for the phone , she mutters as she searches for the phone number she needs " I so hope I can stop them sending the mother ostrich in time!"





  1. LOL let's hope she is in time to stop the mother ostrich coming too....or there'll be no space in the shop for her and Bruno!!!
    Metric smetric indeed!!

    1. I do hope she is! I don't know where she put her, if she arrives!

  2. Hahahahahaaa! I hope she makes that phone call in time!!! LOL!
    And I must say I really like Bruno's hat....snazzy as well as festive!

    1. Me Too! :)
      Thank you, I made Bruno's hat a few years back :)

  3. In spite of Granny and her wonderfully stocked village shop my eyes keep getting drawn to her grandson, Bruno, the shop's little lad. Such a delightful, helpful boy.

    As some of you already know I'm not keen on changes, unless absolutely necessary, and so with the metric measuring I still resort in my mind to comparing the metres, centimetres, millimetres with the fact that 30cms=12 inches=1 foot,3 feet= 1 yard= 1 metre plus approx. 3 inches.
    (Have luckily adapted better with the changes to the monetary system so the brain isn't quite as taxed here!)

    1. He is Kendal :) he just is the perfect local shop lad!.
      When ever I see something and it as the metric measurement I always say to Paul 'what's that in inches?' it's the only way I can visualise it!Bad I know but apart from knowing 1 metre is 3ft 3 , I am forever asking poor Paul what is 20cm etc , he tells me how to work it out to inches and then I forget by the next time!

  4. BRUNO!!!! We are hat-twins! Mrs. Mum sent me one like yours too. I wonder if I could get Father Christmas to send me an osterooch, isteroach, erm.... one of them birds like in your shop. The eggs must be really big and I could start an osternrig xxxxxx....a big grey bird flock and sell eggs to giants.
    Bertie xxxx

    1. Lo Bertie! These hats is far out! glad you have one to keep you toasty in winter weather!
      You don't want one of them birds.. they is biggggg !Wow you got giants where you live! Awesome I may see if Mum will let me come visit and meet them giants! I could bring an egg if this silly pink bird lays one!
      your friend
      ps Ollie says hello