Sunday 23 April 2017


Well since last Sunday was Easter day, we saved our catch up post to this Sunday.

Last Easter weekend we decided would be an ideal time to sort out the front step, as the postman or any delivery drivers would not be turning up over Sunday and Monday , so would give the concrete base time to dry out before someone stood on it!.

After our usual discussion of should it just be big enough for the front door or wider to cover both front door and side panel, we decided on making it wide enough to cover door and side panel, so Paul made up a frame to put the concrete in to form the base for the step.

And by Monday morning it had set.

We had been out on the Saturday and bought the concrete makings and also looked at paving! Well would would have thought a few paving slabs would cause such debate ! We landed up going to three places and did come away with some paving we loved.
ONLY it was sandstone, which means it comes in it's natural coloursway and was hard to decide , after falling for one particular piece of the paving due to the markings on it, to find another two pieces to complement that first piece.

Plus it was a totally different colour to what we went out for.

This was the slab we fell for with the markings.

It's almost as if someone's painted these details on it.

We found this piece to go with it and another which is not as good a match but when we got it home we decided it was too light and did not sit well with the front door and house.

So it was back out to search for another paving.

This time we kept to our original colour choice of dark grey.

This is Rectory paving the same as we have in front of the workshop in the back garden.

So first job Saturday was to finish off the step by laying the paving on top, we also decided to take the paving across the front but lower to tie it all in. Here you see Archie, my eldest daughters dog , and Hamish our's, inspecting the work. Hamish on the left looks like he's doing his impression of a Highland cow! Time for a trim!

"Excuse me boys could you go back in and shut the door please ! Thank you.

Makes it much easier now to step up into the house.

Paul decided to move a couple of our Hosta's in their pots round to the front as after the early morning sun this area will be shaded by the house, so a good place for them shade loving plants..
Those two pots have now become three ( after garden centre visit Sunday ) ! but camera battery on charge so no up to date photo I'm afraid

So another little job done, now if I could just find that plaque !

Today Sunday after a chilly start as warmed up very well, so Paul decided he needed to go and get a bag of compose so he could pot on some plants.... I went too........ So we came back with these

Fatal! if we go together and the sun's shining we just cannot resist the plants on offer ! We remember that we need a plant for this pot or that place ! We also bought some Cherry Tomato plants for the greenhouse and also some sweet pepper plants! Then of course there was large plant that looked nice and would be good to fill a space.. if we can find one!!
But we did get the plants to fill the hanging baskets in the greenhouse ready to grow on until they can come out in May when there is  less  chance of a frost!

I've told him we are now banned..... well at least for this month ;)

Have a great week ahead.


  1. That first paving stone was beautiful with such an unusual pattern, but I prefer what you ultimately picked. Every spring when I go to the garden center for bedding plants, it never seems to go according to plan. I make a list, but always return with a bunch of things with no place to put them, while still short of the things that I need.

    1. It is which is why we landed up buying it even though we knew deep down it would not suit the doorstep!
      Garden centres and plants are very much like Sashas and dolls, one is never enough!

  2. I love garden centres, but I just spend soooo much money!! I have been learning to take cuttings, splicing roots and collecting seeds, so this years plants will all be home grown this year. I love your new step too, it looks so smart with the planters. We never use our front door, we always go round the back :)

    1. Same here. Paul takes cuttings too and grows from seed etc but all we have to do is step into a Garden centre and we are worse than a child in a sweet shop!
      We have always used the front door , we had neighbours once who always used the back :)

  3. Not sure just where to begin commenting on ALL that is happening over thinking it might be best just to say....'Well done and keep at it' or else I'll be here forever (and with no breakfast) tapping each key letter with my rubber tipped pencil.

    1. Thanks Kendal and I hope you enjoyed your breakfast :) x

  4. The front of your house is really looking superb...and I do love the pictures of Hamish and Archie <3
    Don't get me started on Garden Centres...have bought/planted a shed load of Busy Lizzies yesterday only to listen to the weather forecast and learn about the drop in temperature (:

    1. Thanks :) Hamish and Archie say woof!
      They hope secretly for a temperature drop, so we lose a few and have to return only to leave we yet again more than we went in for!

  5. Looking good Dee and Paul.
    Glad you had some furry assistants - always helpful!

    1. Thanks Rosie. Mmm those assistants like to sit or lay down and watch all the work! or try walking through the shrubs! :)

  6. I love the step area to your all ties in so well with whole welcoming look. And great haul from the Garden Centre too.......I need to make a trip like that myself very soon.

    1. Thanks. It finishes the front I think. Garden centres are just soo tempting, I feel so proud if I manage to leave without buying a plant! lol

  7. Garden centres are very dangerous places! I'll have to visit one on Thursday, only for a sack of sand - we'll see what else catches my eye.
    Your entrance looks wonderful. I hope you'll find a good place for the first slabs of stone you chose.
    Like Hamish's Highland style...

    1. They are , you will know just how much by now! Good luck with just buying a sack of sand.... no chance... :)
      We are very happy with how the step now looks and I'm sure we'll find a place for the first slabs over the year.
      Hamish says Moo.. woof ;)

  8. The paving outside the front door looks really nice, it fits in perfectly with the front door and the new part. I think the dogs look very interested in what's going on, as long as no help is needed!!!
    Lots of lovely plants to be planted up, looks like this weekend will be busy too!!

    1. I'm glad we decided to go back to the original idea of the dark grey as I agree it matches well with the new area.
      Those dogs are always interested but no help! ;) must wait for the cold spell to pass first! xx