Sunday, 16 April 2017


All the village children have taken part in an Easter egg hunt but Wren is only just setting out ! She wanted to bring lots of little friends with her on her quest, so that takes time to arrange.

But Sansa waited patiently for Wren to arrange her little friends in her pram and now finally they are about to start hunting!

Sansa just has her baby with her in the pram.

Well the others have been and stripped out and found almost all the eggs but Mum said that they'd missed a few and gave them a wink!

They manage to find a couple and then they start to follow the signs.

like this one!

Wren see's some chickens under the bench !

She can see there are no eggs there!

Meanwhile Sansa's over the other side reading a sign. It says look up! so she does

" Well I never!" she says stunned at what she sees.

 A rabbit in a rose bush! " Do you have any eggs? " she asks
A trembling voice replies. " And just where do you think I'd put an egg! "

Wren joins Sansa and they look at the signs being held by the gargoyles.

Go Back!

Turn Right !

"What do you think? " asks Wren " should we go right? "

"Well the only things I saw was a Lamb in a pot and a rabbit in a tree! " so No I think we should go left!" Sansa replies.

" Charming! " mutters Brock from his place hidden in the plants, annoyed no one's found him!

" So I think we must go left, those signs are a red herring"
"What's a red herring? " asks wren confused
"No idea but they always say that"
"Who do?"
"People in mysteries and Agatha Christie films "
"Oh I love Agatha Christie !"
"Me too now lets get on, it will soon be tea time!"

After a while Sansa suddenly shrieks " Oh my giddy aunt!"
"What ? " asks Wren nearly jumping

Then Wren sees whats made Sansa so excited!

"WOW!"  Wren says " We've found the biggest egg!"

It takes both of them to lift it onto Sansa's pram

"It's so heavy it must be full of chocolate eggs!" Sansa's says excitedly
"Yes" grins Wren " I cannot believe all the others missed it!"

" I bet there's enough chocolate to last us all week!"
"Come on , lets go show everyone"

"What was it Toby said as we set off? " asked Wren " Oh yes I remember , we were too slow to catch a worm ! Well lets see what he's got to say now!" she giggles

Sansa laughs " He'll probably say can he have some , having already finished what he found earlier by now!"

" and we'll say no!" 
"That's right no!  not until tomorrow or he'll be sick!"

"Isn't this great we have enough chocolate to share with everyone ! " says Wren happily
"Yes " agrees Sansa " a perfect Easter  egg "

and the girls make there way indoors , carrying their large egg in to be greeted with the sounds of amazement and disbelief and Toby's voice asking if he can have some !




see how many you can answer before you go and check !

1/  How many hearts did you see?
2/ How many rabbits are in Wren's Pram?
3/ How many rabbits in Sansa's pram?
4/ Where is the white rabbit?
5/ which is correct? even, straight or right ahead?
6/ how many buttons on Sansa's coat?
7/  Which way are they told to turn?
8/  how many eggs do the chickens have?
9/  whose pram as a yellow heart on it?
10/  true or false , they are told to look down.
11/ Where can you see a Happy Easter sign?
12/ How many rabbits were used in this blog post?
13/ how many other animals can you see , not rabbits, and name them?
14/  Whose got the orange basket?
15/  How many chicken's are there?
16/ what colour tights is wren wearing?
17/  Where is the lamb?
18/ which side of the gate are the two rabbits sitting?
19/  What famous author is mentioned?
20/ What colour is the herring?
21/ what picture is on the large egg in wren's pram?
22/  where is the sign saying go back?
23/ what colour is the hood of Sansa's pram?
24/ How many signs are pink?

Well how did you do before you had to go check? and one of these questions you'll need to really check to get right or that could be two of them..........

Good Luck answers tomorrow 



  1. Happy Easter Dee! I have got 101 things to do, but will try and sit down and complete the exam...I mean quiz later on....

    1. Thanks Happy Easter to you too! Yes I hope you can pass the exam but then it's not on TT as in teddy torture ;)

  2. What a fantastic photo story! It made my day. But I must admit I should have looked closer at the pics, as I could answer only 6 questions without getting back.
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) and at least you knew 6 :)

  3. Wow, that was a big egg! It just goes to show that the most obvious things are often the most easily overlooked. Looks like your kids had a wonderful time. Happy Easter to all!

    1. We like the best of eggs, if it's Easter ;) They did enjoy themselves especially when they found that egg! :)

  4. Happy Easter. Great story but too full of chocolate for quiz!

  5. You might have warned us at the very beginning to notice and remember all the smaller details! Will def. have to go back and start again before attempting to answer the quiz questions but not sure that I'll do so well as now feeling somewhat 'sick' after all that chocolate eating!
    Not sure which of you three (Sansa, Wren or YOU?) had the most fun here!

    1. I'll try to remember to give you a warning next time ;)
      naught naughty too much chocolate!

  6. A great Easter post! Wren and Sansa look fantastic in their pretty Spring colors and what love vely prams and guests inside. A wonderful large egg for the girls to find and share with others. Happy Easter! ­čĺÉ xxx

    p.s. Love your gargoyles

    1. Thanks Ginger :) Wren and Sansa joined themselves :) Those gargoyles love to be in the limelight! :) xx

  7. Great the girls could go out with their prams in this weather for their Easter egg hunt - good thing they did so they could bring back the biggest egg of all (they might not have been able to have carried it without transport!) Dmd isn't sure she spotted the answers to all the clues but we both enjoyed this one very much, red herrings and all.

    1. Yes luckily they managed to finish their hunt before the weather turned!
      Just as well they took the prams or they may have had to leave the egg behind!! Glad you both enjoyed it :)

  8. Oh what FUN the girls had....I love how you told the story here, your photos were so spot on! I especially love that one of Sansa heaving the egg into her pram!
    And I love those prams!!!

    And a quiz!!! I love quizzes. I will try and answer here first before peeping at the answers straight away!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Jane :) We do like to have fun here if we can :) I thought the quiz would give people a few minutes to tax those brains after all the chocolate!
      Happy Easter

  9. I've never seen an Easter egg hunt with clues! What a great idea.

    1. Thanks, a clue or two can save time .. hopefully :)

  10. A lovely post Dee, lots of lovely colourful photos, and the kids look like they're having a nice stroll about the garden with their prams.