Sunday, 9 April 2017


And what a glorious Sunday it's been! Wonderful warm sunny weather all day, It's nearly seven pm as I type and still the french doors are wide open and the sun is bathing the garden.

So naturally we have spent most of the day outside in the garden.

I'm pleased to report that the Magnolia Black Tulip is going from strength to strength !

lots of beautiful blooms opening.

It's best year since we planted it. Also another Magnolia is also starting to open it's buds.

This one is called Susan and opens as seen at the back with the deep pink which turns mainly white inside as it opens fully.

It's the time of year when the planning starts or previous plans and taken out dusted off and given a once over, then tweaked or discarded in favour of newer ones! I think it's to do with the sun and warmer days, it makes anything and everything seem possible!

Personally I love having plans, even if some never come to pass or take years to happen, I am all in favour of a good plan ! It gives you something to work towards or just enjoy thinking about.
So I have many plans and idea's rattling around in my head, some that only I can achieve and some that would need the help of others and some just plain fanciful that only a miracle could achieve them but one should never stops oneself from enjoying the thought!

Not a lot happening on the Sasha front although I did redress another of my girls and was going to add some photos here but then while taking the photos an idea popped into my head, so I will run with that and she'll appear tomorrow or Tuesday.
I did finally manage to put a few things on for sale but still need to reduce more but as soon as you dress the dolls in their clothes , they look lovely and it makes you think maybe that dress or whatever should stay! not the way to reduce things.

Izzy's bed is now under the work surface next to the newer one and below the Sasha sitting room. It's been okay moving it, I think, because it's still about, so we've not just moved on regardless. In time it will be moved again but for now it's fine where it is.

Milo settled down to have a sleep on the covered bench this evening.

He is fifteen now and likes to be outside once the weather warms up. Saffy our other fifteen year old likes to venture out just for a short time and then come back inside to find a comfy spot!.

Today we added a plant or two out the front to make a change for the coming summer months.

We placed this black Aeonium by the front door to give a good contrasts to the white of the wall, it will get the morning sun from when it raises until around 11 am which should help keep the leaves red, if it does not we'll move it back to the rear of the house.

We also wanted to put up our cast iron plaque of the Lamb and Flag that was always under the porch around this area. We bought it years ago from a shop near the entrance to Helmsley Castle In Yorkshire but we cannot find it! Paul was sure it was under the carport but we have searched but so far no luck! We are worried someone may have taken a shine to it and stolen it! It is small and quite heavy but we are hoping that we put it somewhere for safety and so far if we did we hid it well!

So it may turn up as we begin the clear up now the outside  is almost finished, it will be a shame if it as gone walkabout!

We also put this Yucca out the front.

It needs to over winter in the greenhouse and did spend last year in Paul raised Jungle bed but was getting hidden by the other big plants, so we are trying it out here. it will get sun most of the day here , so should be happy.

I think it looks nice in the pot amoungst the gravel.

I have also managed to sort some clothes and other linens out to go to either the charity shops or the recycling centre, so it's slowly coming together.

So I will leave you with one of today's photos and the hope that the coming week brings happiness, friendship and joy into your lives.



  1. A busy time Dee :-)
    Im glad Izzy's bed move has worked. The front of the house is looking great,i love the stained glass and that plant is wonderful.
    Looking forward to seeing the idea come to life <3

  2. Glorious weather for productive planning indeed! Your garden is coming along and the magnolias are wonderful. We've spent a lot of the weekend on Sasha related craft projects for forthcoming gatherings, though also dog walks and mowing the lawn and church things. Dmd even did some cross stitch outside yesterday afternoon and has been helping with today's craft project. Have a good week.

  3. The garden is looking beautiful Dee, I'm glad you are having good weather so that you can get it all sorted. I hope the metal thing hasn't gone walkabout, that would be a real bummer....maybe it will turn up soon.
    We have the very same plant as that one you've put by your front door :)
    And there's my lovely Milo, my little sleeping companion! What a nice cuddly big boy he is, and made my feet very snuggly last year!!!

  4. Your new front entrance is fantastic. I really like te shade of blue you chose; it compliments the window perfectly. The gazebo is pretty cool. I'd like to have one in my garden just like it.

  5. Love where you have placed the Yucca and Black Aeonium container plants. They will certainly be noticed and well admired in these new positions.
    (I have some of those super containers that the Aeonium is planted in... although mine might be the next size down and in the darker graphite grey.)
    (I used to have a stunning Yucca and Cheese plant in my large lounges in my last two houses but here there isn't any room, having to combine the lounge and dining rooms, so I gave them to a local hotel to decorate their reception areas.
    Moving Izzy's bed around slightly is a good idea rather than removing it completely like we unfortunately did with our dogs basket, water-bowl etc.
    The weather here too has been perfect. My only worry is that it might not last out until the Easter weekend for all those indoor based workers to enjoy.

  6. Well done Dee and is looking good!!
    Thinking of you all as you come to terms with Izzy's loss..much love x

  7. Every thing looking good! Magnolias are wonderful in flower - such big flowers for so early in the year.
    I'm always struck with how well your covered bench looks - a real feature and a resident cat - what more could you ask for!