Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Back during the Chat n Snap I told you that although I'd not bought much on the day I'd landed up getting two none Sasha dolls just after.

I introduced the first my lovely Winter Kathe Kruse girl and now here is the second doll I landed up getting from having had a chat with a great friend. They'd not taken to her and I'd said that should they decide they wanted to put her up for adoption I would love to have her.

This is Clementine a Schoenhut doll with carved hair.

She has had a little work done on her face, her skin tone much more natural that the original dolls.

The back of her carved head with it's ribbon bow.

When I agreed to buy her I thought she'd be a great twin for Clara  who is the same sculpt and style as this girl but when she arrived and I introduced them I had a pleasant surprise!

She is taller than Clara! Clara is 14 inches and Clemmie is 16 inches, so instead of a twin Clara now as a big sister. Which is lovely , it's always nice to have a same but different doll.

a closer look.

Well tomorrow we should be back with proper internet! I have a pile of clothes just waiting for me to change the dolls into and a Christmas story beginning to start brewing in my head.....



  1. Love these girls!

    I can't wait to read the Christmas tale - will it be staring a mix of dolls, or are the Sashas to have the stage to themslves?

    1. Me too! :)
      It will have mainly Sasha's but a small cast of others dropping in ;)

  2. Lovely girl! The carving of her hair and ribbon is amazing. Good thing your internet will be back in time for the start of the holiday season. Granny Fortuna would have been very upset!

    1. Thanks I have to agree :) The detail in the hair is very good.
      At last we have proper internet!!
      Steve have you been looking at my notes? Granny Fortuna...would have been ;)

  3. Welcome to you new girl...looking forward to having you back on line :)

    1. Thanks. yes I need to start getting the scene set for the Christmas tale.... :)

  4. A wonderful new Schoenhut in your collection. Sometime, please show all of your Schoenhut dolls together. Your collection is really special. 😊 xxx

  5. PS. I used to have the same Ruthsdolls grey/tartan studio outfit at one time!