Sunday, 19 November 2017


Well that week whizzed by! It will soon be December at this rate and Winter will have arrived.
Plenty still happening around the garden here, which is unusual as by now we would have stopped anything garden related having put it all to bed for the winter and gone back inside to carry on with those job that need doing.

But I am so pleased to say that the patio is finished! In the spring we will need to coat the stones with a sealant but until then it's done.

so here are a couple of before photos..

The ugly broken old red and yellow paving from the eighties with the old outhouse.

The outhouse too close to the french doors.

the bricked path full of grass and weeds.

and now !

No ugly paving and no outhouse spoiling the view!

The view out from the doorway now.

No more brick and grass!

We have put the table back but changed the position and will see how we feel about the change as time passes.

We still have some clearing and cleaning up to do with a trip to the recycling site planned. Plus now the paving's looking new we need to sort out about all the paintwork that needs refreshing !

Until we know whats happening with the wall we are going to put some grey slate down to tidy the edge.

We have ordered a new fence panel to replace the old cut down one on the left of the wall and will dig out and put in the foundation for the future wall and then put the new fence panel in place. The walls need repainting and the doors, how much will get done before it's too cold to carry on , we don't know. So the rest will have to wait until the spring.

On the Sasha front I bought a new outfit from Ruth Hartley's winter range.

Show here on Wren.

I do love red on the brunette girls.

Seeing Wren outside with the cyclamen gave me the idea I needed for my Christmas challenge, which is an extension of the doll and bear alphabet challenge I did over 26 weeks of this year.

I'm up to R, so this will be R is for RED !

I'm feeling the need to search out the red clothing for the clan, so that's something I'll add to my list.

Well the internet should be back on Thursday......with the new provider, they have already sent the new hub, so I am hopeful!

So the sun's out and things need doing, so I'm off, speak again soon....



  1. I love the new patio space. The pavers are beautiful, and taking down the old outbuilding was a good idea. It really opens up the space and makes everything look more balanced. Wren looks lovely in her new dress.

    1. Thanks Steve, we are really pleased with how it's come out.
      It's nice to get a new outfit now and again for the clan. :)

  2. Felt really sorry for the old neglected paved patio and brick path. I'm sure that a good jet wash, like I give mine, would have done wonders.